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SOLD OUT: MahanTeymouri and Darryn Hardy Leadership Conference

Averting Crisis Through a Revolution in Leadership

  • According to Harvard, one of the key challenges business management will face in the next decade has to do with leadership.
  • The joint leadership conference attempted to address ways of creating new value, knowledge and skills leaders can use to breathe life into their businesses.
  • Over the past decade the Middle East attracted a lot of wealth, but in the absence of a management strategy can mean risking the collapse of the business base in Iran. 

If the growth trend in the Middle East is examined closer, it becomes clear that the Middle East attracted a lot of capital over the last decade through Asian, European and American countries. Today we see a huge amount of capital in Middle East countries that are suffering from some kind of leadership and management crises. The challenge management faces in the Middle East with this amount of capital raising will be a point of interest for many years to come, especially in the creative solutions that will come to the fore. 

The main capital that has entered Iran and the Middle East has been through European countries, the Far East and China. With the added wealth comes an added risk: the collapse of the business base in the Middle East if no sound management strategy is in place. Foreign managers could inevitably step in and threaten the delicate financial ecosystem of the Middle East and Iran. 

The capital that has been attracted to the Middle East and Iran needs the right management for growth and development, which is where the leadership conference came into being. Teaching executives the fine nuances of leadership and management is what Mahan Teymouri and Darren Hardy excel in. 

The Concern: Management

Management is one of the most complex and challenging sciences found in the world today and requires the use of up-to-date resources to stay abreast of the topic. The presence of large companies in the Middle East may cause small business managers to face many difficulties, in addition the coronavirus pandemic has created a business crisis where the need for up-to-date knowledge of business leadership and knowledge is highlighted. 

The concern of management was addressed with a fresh perspective from Mr. Teymouri partnered with Darren Hardy, the author of Compound Effect and publisher of Success Magazine. Darren Hardy is considered to be a top management writer and has featured on the New York Times Best Author list for years. 

Darren Hardy, who is a top management speaker, addressed the main concerns managers and small business executives had. Over the last 25 years Mr. Hardy has advised numerous executives from around the world.

Drawing on their vast experience, a virtual leadership seminar was held in Tehran recently. The conference sought to grow and develop leadership knowledge for world managers, with a special focus on Iran and the Middle East. Mr. Teymouri shared his extensive knowledge about strategies in the field of management and leadership. Having published over thirty books on the subject, Mr. Teymouri is well-versed in the realm of financial intelligence and business management. To date the entrepreneur has provided training to an estimated 7 million people.

Who is Mahan Teymouri?

A prominent entrepreneur in the field of education in Iran, Mahan has been working in the field of financial and economic education in Iran for years. Eager to serve the people of the world and earn a better income in the process, Mr. Teymouri left his hometown and relocated to Tehran to start his business. Facing many challenges, he started life in Tehran in a small room. Pouring creativity into his first business, which was a bookstore, resulted in it growing rapidly and soon became one of the top bookstores in the country. 

Pursuing lecturing in economics and finance led to the creation of the Mahan Teymouri Educational Foundation. Uniquely, he offered a financial intelligence training course and has trained more than 5 million Middle Eastern residents in economics and management. Today, Mr. Teymouri has the largest educational holding in the Middle East in the field of financial intelligence and is considered a pioneer in the field. 

In Ending

Anyone can become an effective leader. You just need a drive to develop and improve yourself in leading others, a task which Mahan Teymouri acquitted himself well of. Sharing his knowledge in a bid to create better managers, executives and leaders it becomes clear that the challenge of management is not only a real, present-day risk for the Middle East and Iran, but many businesses, institutions and organizations around the world can benefit from a revolution in leadership.

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