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Solareast R32 Three in One Series—Born For Low Carbon And Efficient Heating and Cooling

Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water will be a piece of cake for homeowners with the new heat pumps from the R32 Three in One Series.

What is the air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump can absorb heat from outside a structure and release it inside using the same vapor-compression refrigeration process and very much the same equipment as air conditioners but used in the opposite direction. It is known to lower fuel bills and cut carbon emissions while heating homes like no other. Therefore, it should be no surprise that air source heat pumps have been in such high demand lately.

Benefits of an air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps are a type of low carbon heating that uses the outside air to heat or cool homes. For every three to four units of energy produced by an air source heat pump, only one unit of electricity is consumed, making it a significantly better option to reduce emissions. Since it uses outside air for heating and cooling, it also helps homeowners cut their energy costs.  Air source heat pumps are excellent for providing hot water and space heating and have an exceptional seasonal coefficient of performance, making them suitable for winter and summer. Air source heat pumps are available with a simple installation procedure, require very little maintenance, and promise longevity for a user’s entire lifespan. The best thing about them is that they don’t need to store fuel like oil or wood pellets, so there aren’t any extra costs associated with fuel deliveries.

A closer look at the Solareast R32 Three In One Series on YouTube.

Some features of the Solareast R32 Three In One Series


The R32 Three In One Series employs R32 refrigerant, which does not harm the ozone layer and aids in achieving global carbon neutrality. Its low GWP also ensures a reduction in carbon emission reduction and global warming curbing. 

Known to be much more environmentally friendly than R410A, the R32 Three In One Series comes with integrated heating, cooling, and domestic functions, which enable them to deliver the right temperature at minimal power consumption.

3min intelligent defrosting technology on YouTube.

The motor speed may be carefully adjusted using Solareast’s R32 Three In One Series, guaranteeing that only the energy required to precisely match the real load is consumed. To evaluate if the evaporator is defrosting, Solareast’s intelligent defrosting mode computes the temperature difference between the evaporator and the compressor and the duration of the compressor’s operation. When the defrosting condition is satisfied, the defrosting mode will automatically be entered.

Regardless of the climate conditions, R32 gives users more options to achieve perfect results, even in extreme weather conditions. Powered by intelligent defrosting technology, this full DC inverter heat pump can defrost in under three minutes. Its main components include a Panasonic DC invented compressor with EVI technology, a DC inverter fan, a pressure sensor, a highly efficient plate heat exchanger, an inverter driver, and a blue fin evaporator.

EVI technology:stable running at -30℃

What makes it different from its counterparts is the fact that its compressor uses EVI technology, which offers a 20% increase in the amount of refrigerant flow, making the operating temperature range much wider, from – 30℃ to 48 °C. Its two-stage compression function also solves the problem of poor heating effects at ultra-low temperatures.


Solareast DC inverter heat pumps use multiple noise reduction and sound insulation techniques to reduce noise to a low level. They are equipped with DC inverter brushless fans and are aerodynamically constructed. The sound pressure levels begin at 50 dBA.

2022 Italy MCE Expo 

The Solareast Heat Pump found great success at the recently concluded MCE event in Italy this June. As evident, MCE is known for bringing together organizations and businesses working in the fields of HVAC, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. At the exhibition, we also showed our R32 Three In One Series, and many visitors enquired about this machine, which was well received by the market, so we are even more convinced that our R32 Three In One Series will have great potential for development and a large market in the future. MCE is one of the most prestigious business exhibitions for businesses in the HVAC+R, renewable energy, and energy efficiency sectors. Building strategic ties and alliances between manufacturers, designers, installers, and builders of plants and systems for the living comfort in smart buildings in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors acts as an imperative assignment.

About Solareast 

The President of Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. was quoted as saying, “The renewable energy industry is such a business that we are willing to devote our whole lives to, which can bring good efforts to the offspring. We feel immensely proud of having undertaken this business. Today, we have a network of over 1026 distributors and nearly 2,000 dealers in China who are fully dedicated to our mission: ‘Make the world cleaner, make life better.”

With five manufacturing facilities across China, Solareast Group specializes in air source heat pumps at its Shunde, Guangdong facility. With a monthly manufacturing capacity of 80,000 sets of heat pumps, Solareast is the owner of the largest factory in the south of China, measuring over 100,000m2. 

The company has also invested USD 2 million in constructing the most sophisticated testing facilities, which can test machines up to 300kW under extremely cold conditions of -30°C. They are also known for their advanced testing capabilities, which include automatic laser cutting lines, automatic bending lines, automatic high-pressure foaming, and machine water input/output testing lines.

To learn more, visit the official website of Solareast Heat Pump Ltd


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Company Name: Solareast Heat Pump Ltd.

Contact Person: Zoe Leong

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State: Guangdong

Country: China

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