Solar Systems have become a need of the hour

Solar Systems

With the depleting of electric sources all around the globe, Solar systems have become a need of the hour. Many people are relying on solar systems to produce their own electricity and do not rely on the national grid. Installing solar systems offers multiple benefits. They help you to control your electric production, enjoy free electric sources, sell extra units to the national grid, have less reliance on the national grid that improves the situation of brownouts and blackouts, and are green and environmentally friendly electric sources to name a few benefits.

That being said, you must be considering installing solar systems at your home. Well, it is a wise thing to do. But deciding to install solar systems gets you halfway there because you need a good installation service. If you are thinking to find a reliable and trustworthy company that has the capability to install a high-quality solar system that works with great efficiency and offers optimum results then you have landed in the perfect place.

We offer to install top-notch solar panels that offer great efficiency when it comes to electricity production. We can install both Canadian solar panels and Longi panels. Canadian panels come in both polycrystalline and monocrystalline PV modules that can serve domestic as well as commercial use. They come with 25 years guarantee as well.  Whereas Longi panels offer even better quality, resistance, and efficiency developed with polycrystalline silicon and frames made with aluminum. Though these monocrystalline panels come with 12 year guarantee their exceptional quality lasts even longer than the said guarantee period and is adequate for residential and industrial use.

Our service is not bound to the installation of only solar panels. Rather, we also offer to install inverters to offer an output outlet for you. Inverters are necessary to convert the DC energy generated by the solar panels into AC to supply you the electric power.  For inverters, we use Fronius Gen24 inverters that come with “PV point” and “full backup supply” which offers exceptional backup supply that can power an entire house with the addition of a battery system. With a “full backup supply,” you can light up an entire house with a three-phase load automatically. In addition, these inverters are cost-effective as they need zero to very little maintenance. The cooling system actively controls the temperature of these inverters which is why they last longer without compromising the output performance.

We are also available for service if you want to install batteries on your current solar system. For battery installation, our only choice is BYD batteries. BYD or “Build Your Dream” is a high-quality ‘lithium iron phosphate battery that is considered the safest battery. It comes with the dual benefits of exceptional power output and flexible capacity.

We install only top-notch and best-in-industry solar system products because we yearn to offer the best to our clients. We use our professional wisdom to choose the best products and then our highly trained and professional staff install these products with zero negligence so that you can enjoy maximum solar system output and efficiency.

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