Solana Meme Coin MANEKI Secures Global Trademark Through Madrid Protocol Filing

Solana Meme Coin MANEKI Secures Global Trademark Through Madrid Protocol Filing

MANEKI, a distinguished intellectual property brand and meme cryptocurrency built on the Solana blockchain, proudly announces the successful filing for a global trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol. This critical step encompasses over 128 countries, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and the European Union.

This strategic trademark registration underpins MANEKI’s goal to strengthen its offerings, including a major push into global cryptocurrency exchanges and the launch of an international anime series. Furthermore, it ensures all related intellectual property items and themes are comprehensively protected.

“This Madrid Protocol filing is pivotal for MANEKI’s expansion and our integration with the Solana ecosystem,” stated Haruto Takahashi, Head of PR at MANEKI. “Securing our intellectual property rights globally not only helps in safeguarding our brand but also aligns with our objectives for broader market penetration and launching new initiatives like our upcoming global anime series.”

Details about the registration number and related documents will be disclosed soon. MANEKI is committed to further extending its trademark protections, ensuring its continued growth and presence in the global market.

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Contact Information:

Haruto Takahashi

Head of PR

P.O. Box 1234, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


MANEKI, a rising star among meme cryptocurrencies on the Solana blockchain, is inspired by the Japanese beckoning cat, symbolizing wisdom and the ability to bring fortune. With a super active community and a fresh, creative approach, MANEKI blends meme culture with modern digital trends to provide a distinctive experience to users globally. It represents good luck, success, prosperity, wisdom, and leadership, establishing itself as a legendary symbol that attracts fortune.

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