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Sofia Saidi TV Presenter of MBC invited to the premiere of Cannes 2023

Host of a trending MBC show, a prominent TV broadcaster, Sofia the startling beauty queen recently wowed audiences with her classical arrival at a red-carpet event. She was dressed in a stunning gown by Gaby Charbachy, which complemented her innate and natural beauty flawlessly. The jewellery she wore was a diamond emerald necklace from the renowned Indian jeweller Renu Oberoi, which summed up a whiff of refinement to her outfit. Her expert makeup was done by the talented Katy Jane, while her hair was styled by the renowned Virginie Pineda from the Dessange team, who Sofia always chooses to work with. Additionally, she was excited to collaborate with the talented Alessandra de Tomaso for this particular red carpet-look. Sofia’s refined and sophisticated style and a keen eye for fashion continue to be a reference of inspiration for many. 

Sofia Saidi a well-known TV celebrity presenter and host of the trending MBC show attended the same as she was invited as an Arabic figure to Cannes Film Festival 2023 by Campari event. She is the only person from the TV industry who was invited to the red-carpet premiere of the black flies.  Being such a young and dynamic lady who is beautiful with brains is not the cup of tea for everyone and Sofia very well knows how to knock it off with her boldness and magnificence. 

To match the vibe of her saucy fit, Sofia tousled her hair and kept it down, tumbling over her back. Meanwhile, she kept her makeup dreamy and luminous. Her bejewelled necklace, ring and earrings were the sole touch of glimmer and a subtle one at that and the cherry on the cake was her genteel satchel from the exceptional craftsmanship of Irisnobleparis. The shimmery texture of the genteel purse she was carrying sparkled with every moment, capturing the light and illuminating her necklace with mesmerizing brilliance. The combination of her gown and the exquisite necklace created as harmonious and captivating as it could get, a styling brilliance one could say.  

Many megastars from various countries were invited and embodied their culture in their footpaths including this exceptional TV presenter who not only hosts shows but is an entrepreneur, an Instagram influencer, and a model she is crowned Miss Arab World for two years succession. Some of the celebrities were Jennifer Lawrence, Maiwenn and Jhonny Depp, Cate Blanchett, Phoebe Waller-bridge and Ethann Isidore, Gemma Chan, Brie Larson and many more striking personalities were present there.

Sofia‘s looks are not only expected, but they’re also admiringly anticipated, everyone constantly looks onward to her ever-shocking ensembles because they’re beautifully worn by her and they uplift many youthful pals and on this Cannes 2023 red carpet look, this MBC show presenter leaves no stone unturned with her overall looks. 

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