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Socialogue The Social NFT Marketplace Is Moving To The Metaverse And Releases Its SLG Tokens For Private Round Sale


Socialogue has a laser focus on two things: token launch and developing Socialogue’s Metaverse. The two objectives seem to be different but they’re tightly intertwined. SLG token will be a vital part of Socialogue’s Metaverse ecosystem and the SLG Token sale announcement means that people can buy into Socialogues Ecosystem and become a part of it. 

Socialogue Enters The Metaverse 

The key point of Socialogue’s Metaverse is to build a one-stop solution to display, sell, and buy digital art – all in a social environment. In addition to that, Socialogue creates a whole new ecosystem, where its users will be able to earn while spending their time on the platform. Along with the features like tipping, staking, promoting, and other ways to monetize activity on Socialogue, users will be able to create the infrastructure of Metaverse and sell it as NFTs. The Socialogue team is in the works to develop the software which will allow users to do so.

Socialogue’s Private Metaverse Space

The Socialogue team, before starting to develop Metaverse, exactly knew which direction to take by niching it down to the art galleries. 

“Our vision of the Metaverse has always been to build it around the needs of our community. Having a Private Metaverse Space where they could build their own galleries to showcase and sell their art – is a ground-breaking benefit that our users can take advantage of to increase their brand exposure.” – explains Mindaugas Cerneckis, the CEO of Socialogue. 

Socialogue aspires to make Metaverse available to everyone. Private Metaverse is a fully customizable digital space where artists, collectors, and resellers can display their NFT collections in their Private Metaverse, and even sell it.

The Metaverse Offices

As a part of Private Metaverse, Socialogue treated its founding Senators with Metaverse Offices –   purposefully designed and built virtual spaces for the Socialoguer NFT holders to:

  • Host meetings
  • Hang out with friends
  • Display & sell NFT art

The Metaverse Office is a new concept developed and created by the team of Socialogue. The idea came from the considerations on how to increase Socialoguers’ NFT utility by giving the maximum benefits for the holders. And the truth is that everyone wants a piece of Metaverse. With Socialogue — you can have it. 

SLG Token Integration Into The Metaverse And Beyond

Besides creating a well-rounded platform, the Socialogue team is taking the next step and is developing their token while releasing it for private sale. SLG is a Socialogue’s currency. It serves as a tool to fulfill all the current and upcoming functionalities of the platform. The token is used across the ecosystem by artists, sellers, resellers, and other users as a basis for transactions and interactions.

The primary purpose of SLG is to make it possible for people to:

  • Purchase items on the Socialogue marketplace
  • Tip/Get tipped for content creation
  • Get rewarded on all transactions
  • Use it in Socialogue’s Metaverse 
  • Get rewarded in the affiliate marketing system 
  • Token staking

SLG Token Sale

The long-anticipated SLG Token Sale is the main event of the team’s coordinated effort of bringing all the projects together into one mega platform launch event.

The SLG Token sale will be distributed in two rounds. First, the team will collect 16% of the tokens over the private/seed round, only after releasing SLG Token for public sale. The official public token launch date is yet to be confirmed but the team is already welcoming private buyers.

Keep Up With Socialogue 

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