Socialize and Communicate with the Global World in a Safe Environment

Safe Environment

In today’s world, online socializing is very common many apps will connect the global world, you can contact. With anyone at any time only due to these apps.  Getting to know more people and making more friends is easy now a day with help of the internet as there are many benefits of these apps there are a lot of cons associated with them. Anyone can create a fake account or can hack anyone’s account and spread false information, cyber crimes are increasing due to these apps.

Any false information or leak of your content spread like fire in the jungle, but there is an app called Yubo for socializing, Yubo allows people to know each other in a safe space, they focus more on the originality and genuineness, every information is authentic thus it is not limited to only publicity and number of more fallow but also focus on the social connection which will ultimately lead to network build-up.

There is no race or competition of more numbers of followers but it gathers the same mind people and helps the young minds to interact with them.

They can connect live, and play games, exchange their thoughts, and develop emotional relationships.

It is very simple to use it:

Simply users have to install the app, then add the information or make a profile, they may add their photo, birthday, or any information about their personality.

The user must be 16 years old,  the most amazing thing about this app is they will separate the users based on their age so same age people can connect to their age fellows, all the information is authentic.

They can communicate through messages or live chat, play games, or can do many things.

They ensure the safety:

Cybercrimes are increasing day by day, false information, Hacking, false content are major categories of cybercrimes, this is destroying many lives, but people can’t live without these apps as these are required to connect with the global world. Yubo ensures the safety of the profile of their clients, their major focus and attention is safety and authenticity.

All the information and profiles are secure and saved. They use high-end software to ensure safety.

Future more negativity is prevailing in society due to false and negative content on websites, Yubo deals and encourage positive content, not affecting the environment or destroying the mantle heath of Young minds.

Thus it is safe to use even for young children.

Strategy to ensure a safe environment:

As the security system gets difficult, people got new ways to manipulate this system so far, but Yubo is very conscious of the safety of its users.

In profile creation, it checks out the authenticity of your profile pictures, so there is no way to take the photo from google. Beca6se they will immediately notice it.

If someone is using the wrong phone number or he or she is younger than the age requirements for verification they will notify and cancel your request to join this app.

The security system is safe and authentic:

In case of any threat to your profile, locate this immediately and send messages.

Yubo checks all the written messages, live chats, and biographic and ensure that all the rules are followed up. They take over real-time intervention and check out the live chats.

An alert is pop up if the user shares personal information like their contact number.

If you see any misleading or false information you can immediately report, so the authority will take into consideration this act.

They have a team that analyzes all the information sent to them, they are available 24/7 for solving your issue and addressing your queries.

A law enforcement guide is available which is part of their process.

Coordinate with other companies to ensure safety:

Yubo coordinates with other companies to ensure the safety of their client and protect Children under age 16, all expertise works to improve the working of this app.

They work with different NGOs, government, and charity centers to achieve the goal of reducing cybercrime and make this app safe to use imparting good effect on the mantle health of you g minds.

They ensure there is no misuse of communication and all community guidelines line is being followed.

Advise if you needed:

Yubo gives you honest advice without considering your age they are equally available for children, parents, or adults they can seek any advice about cyberbullying, or career or any inappropriate language issues during communication with someone they will ensure help in all the ways as soon as possible

They focus and encourage the community guideline follow-up by clients and you can contact them or enlighten them if you notice any deviation from the guide line.

They will introduce Young minds to the safety tools and techniques for ensuring the safety of their app.

Real-time intervention:

Yubo uses the combination of human minds they have sa team of experts always monitoring the activity of their clients and identifying the user who is breaking rules and community guidelines and risk the security of other use and app’s safety.

In such a situation, first of all, they will send a message to the person violating the rules or disabling the live stream temporarily and then they send a message to that person and warn them about their violation or not to repeat the mistake.

No sexual Content:

In, the modern world as the use of the internet is prevailing, the bold and sexual content is destroying the mental peace of Young children, Yubo makes sure there should be no nudity or sexual content, yes it is surprising to many people, but it is necessary to step to make parents free of any worry about their children.

Some users may test this system of app, making nasty comments or bold content, this will immediately notice and take action.

They have community guidelines and encourage their users to follow them hard to make this app safe to use for Young minds, as researches already proved how the bold con4ent is affecting Young minds thus increasing cases of harassment in the society, so this is a much-needed step in our society.

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