Social Media Success With Jairo Rafael Escobar

Many people are skeptical about social media because they think it is a platform where people display fake situations that would never happen in real life. However, social media is an effective platform that can help promote businesses and brands. Social media helps those people that are ready to put in some work and real effort into it.

It is not wise to create a social media account for the sake of it. If you have a business you want to market, you should only create an account when you have figured out why you need it in the first place. You can’t set up an account if you have no idea what to do with it or how to market yourself or your brand.

Jairo Rafael Escobar Cordoba is famously known as “Jairo Escobar” on his social media platforms. He is one person that has utilized social media platforms for his gain. He has transformed from a broke college student to a YouTube success. 

Jairo Escobar uses social media platforms to show sides of him that nobody knows about. It has become his brand, and he is gaining financially from such ventures. He is a Venezuelan blogger, but he also taps into Spanish audiences by posting content on Canada’s beautiful things and traveling. 

He did not just create a social media account. He had a goal he wanted to achieve and content he wished to share with his massive following. He shares some of the effective ways he incorporated to get social media success.

  1. Find Inspiration 

To have social media success, you have to venture into something that truly inspires you. For  Jairo Escobar, his inspiration came from watching other people air out their content on YouTube. Seeing them gradually grow and become successful with huge followings made him feel like he was part of that journey. From there, he was convinced that there were great business opportunities on YouTube yet to be exploited. 

  1. Embrace Originality and Exceptionality 

It is typical for various content creators on multiple channels to imitate what others do. Some are lucky, and they copy the same content but present it differently, showing some originality level. However, fans don’t want copy cats; they want new creations and things they can relate to. 

Aside from remaining persistent and not giving up on the struggle, Jairo Escobar maintains originality. For example, he is in Canada, but he taps into Spanish audiences. That is unique in itself. 

  1. Tips for People Trying to Penetrate the Industry

Social media can build you or break you. It can earn you many people who follow your content, but 90 percent of those people may hate you. Many people would say that they are not looking for likes but to market a brand.

Thus, it is essential to remain human, as the people watching have feelings, and somethings, when said, maybe inhumane. Your interactions with people on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube should be personable and genuine. Also, look at the part. Your content’s visual outlook is essential, and it often determines the number of followers you get.

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