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Social Media Monitoring with NetBase Optimizes Marketing Campaigns

Technology is an ever-changing tool leveraged by businesses around the globe. Trends that existed related to social media a decade ago are entirely different than what exists today. This is especially true as it relates to social media monitoring. Given the unprecedented impact that social media has had on how the world connects, it’s no surprise that brands must likewise evolve to achieve success. What remains constant is that social networking is the most prevalent online activity. 

Given the sheer volume of people communicating through social media, there is an extensive amount of information accumulating that can be used for the purpose of understanding consumers. Brands are constantly trying to find ways to engage with existing and potential customers, which is no small feat given the variety of social platforms available in the marketplace. It can be hard to know where to start if you’re a brand trying to ascertain a direction for your products and services. What has been and remains a priority is listening to consumers to understand their needs and concerns. 

Monitoring Important Information 

Social Media Monitoring is also called Social Listening, among other phrases. These terms are appropriate because it essentially consists of tracking and monitoring important information through the use of various technologies and tools developed for that explicit purpose. For instance, if there is a reference to or discussion about your brand, including any aspect of your business, that information is obtained and analyzed. This isn’t just the mention of your company of a social media platform, but anywhere online. 

As a recognized leader in social analytics, NetBase is adept at gleaning insights from conversations your customers have online. They are proficient at helping brands maximize the ROI of their marketing endeavors through the use of next-generation artificial intelligence. They provide customer insights that are in real time and services that can be scaled to meet your needs. NetBase offers deep learning capabilities with insights that are valuable and actionable. 

From a technical standpoint, social media monitoring works by searching for phrases and keywords online. The systems used then compile the data for analyses of insights based on your marketing objectives. There are a wide variety of features that can be used and the function that works best for you will depend on your business needs. In other words, the type of data you track and the purposes for which it’s used will depend on your specific goals. 

Use of Social Media Monitoring in Your Marketing Campaign

Another ways in which social media marketing can be used for your business is by assisting your team with understanding the market. This includes learning about needs that exist for various products and services. You’ll also have an opportunity to better understand your customer. The type of information obtained includes data about the needs of your target customer, such as what they like and don’t like. This is the kind of information that can be integrated into your marketing strategy. 

Other critical information that can be obtained from Social Media Monitoring is data about your competition. This is the type of information that has always been important, but is sometimes difficult to comprehend. For instance, you can find out if your competitors plan to launch new products, which can make a difference in how and when you enter the market. The amount of data that can be obtained through Social Media Monitoring is extraordinary. NetBase is award-winning when it comes to social media analytics and they offer solutions to help brands of all sizes connect with consumers. 

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