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If you want to become a successful social media manager, then you need to improve your skills. 

What is the Role of a Social Media Manager? 

A social media manager sets content strategy and drives engagement on the social media platform of a company. Improving your communication skills, analytical skills, writing and editing skills, creativity, and even graphic design skills can help you succeed in becoming a social media manager. You must also know how to spot high-performing content on social media. 

Companies use social media marketing to promote their products and services. They also use social media to learn more about the frustrations, desires, and needs of their target audience. Celebrities, government officials, non-profits, brands, and corporations use social media to communicate directly with their followers. So, if you become a social media manager, you can work in different industries. 

In this short article, you will learn the roles of a social media manager and the skills you need to improve if you want to apply for digital marketing jobs

What Is the Role of a Social Media Manager? 

Social media managers develop strategies for increasing social media followers. They create and oversee social media campaigns, create content, review analytics, and communicate with stakeholders in a business.  

The roles of a social media manager depend on the size of a business. For instance, social media managers approve copy or videos in a large corporation. So, they are not responsible for creating videos or writing copy. However, social media managers create content in a small company. They will, therefore, be responsible for creating videos or writing copy for a small business. 

Here are some of the tasks of a social media manager: 

Increase Followers and Drive Engagement 

A social media manager increases the social media followers to boost the social media profile of a company on multiple social medial platforms. Increasing the number of followers can drive engagement. The social media posts of the company will get more likes, comments, and even shares. A social media manager can create visual or written posts to increase followers and drive engagement. 

Strategize Content and Campaigns 

A social media manager creates social campaigns to help drive engagement. The social media campaigns must, however, align with the larger marketing strategies of a company. The manager also generates content ideas and creates evergreen content. 

Analyze Data 

Social media managers do not just create social media campaigns. They also analyze data to know the performance of the social media posts of their company. They can even monitor the social media profiles of their competitors. And they also monitor what their customers are posting on social media. 

Report Metrics to Stakeholders 

Businesses need to know the performance of their social media campaigns. Social media managers will have to report their achievements to the stakeholders in a business. If problems arise, they report these problems to the stakeholders. The stakeholders need to know how the social media manager is growing social media followers, increasing engagement, and developing creative social media campaigns. 

Post and Monitor Social Media Platforms 

If a social media manager is working for a small company with a small team, then the social media manager may have to post and monitor the social media platforms of the company. The social media manager may, therefore, have to schedule social media posts and check the responses from their followers. In addition, the manager may have to respond to messages and comments from their followers.

Here are the skills you need to build to become a successful social media manager: 

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Social Media Manager Skills 

If you want to become a social media manager, here are some of the skills you need to improve: 

Writing Skills 

You may need to draft posts and craft captions. It is not enough to have good grammar and spelling. It is more important to improve your copywriting skills. Your writing should fit into the brand’s story. And your voice should engage your company’s target audience. 

Editing Skills 

You will not just write copy. You are more likely to review the copy of your team members. You must make sure their copy is error-free and grammatically correct. You will need to improve your editing skills and even proofreading skills to ensure you can edit the copy of your brand or company. 

Understand Social Media Platforms 

There are so many social media platforms. You will, therefore, need to understand the user demographics, strengths, and even weaknesses of these social media platforms. If you understand multiple social media platforms, you can manage multiple social media profiles successfully. Here are the top social media platforms you need to understand; TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Design Skills 

You will mostly communicate about videos, infographics, images, and many more with marketing stakeholders, including marketing managers and graphic designers. Improving your design skills can help you create the best social media posts for your campaign. 

Analytical Skills and Research Skills 

Improving your analytical and research skills can help you know what messages resonate with your target audience. It is, therefore, beneficial to learn how to use different social media tools, such as HubSpot, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and many more. 


Social media is not predictable because it is constantly changing. There are always new platform features, algorithm changes, and new trending hashtags. Social media managers should adapt to the changes in social media. 


People can perceive some social media posts as insensitive due to news events. It is, therefore, crucial for a social media manager to stay on top of the news. Social media managers need to ensure their social media posts cannot ruin the reputation of their company.

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