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Social Media content in WEB3: Meet Julieta Ose who creates engaging content for WEB3 projects.

In this interview with Julieta Ose, she shares her latest insights into the state of Web3 and tips for how to grow your social media following. 

What are the biggest challenges in building a Web3 social media presence? 

We live in a day and age where catching someone’s focus is harder than ever. Attention spans have shortened, and interest is quickly altered. This is no different when it comes to Web3 I would argue that the challenges are far from slim within the paradigm in question, and grabbing the initial attention of potential customers is just one aspect of it. 

One of the biggest challenges we face is gaining initial trust with customers. In a world of scams and rug pulls, individuals are reluctant to jump on board and support new and unfamiliar brands and projects. This can make it increasingly difficult for start-ups to grow an initial following and presence. 

What are your best 3 tips for succeeding with social media content?

  • Ensure each piece of content is providing abundant value
  • Quality over quantity all day, every day. 
  • Last by not least: consistency.  

Can you name some of your favorite social media pages out there?

My social media platform of choice is Twitter, and I have to say @visualizevalue is awesome. I’m a big fan of simplicity, so this one’s great for inspiration. 

What are your plans in the crypto & NFT industry over the coming years?

I’m having a great time watching the industry unfold in front of my very own eyes. It’s a crazy time to be alive, and I’m still trying to grasp everything that’s happening and what it means for the future. I think it’s such a fast-moving space that it’s hard to pinpoint where I look to be in the coming years, however, I aim to continue expanding my knowledge, producing the best work I possibly can for my clients, and of course…buying the dip. 

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