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How Social Media and Blogging Will Help You get That Job

Social media and blogging offer a great opportunity for you to prove your fitness for a job even before you are interviewed. In fact, the way you use social media or blogs will to a large extent determine whether you land an interview or not. According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 60 percent of employers use social sites to obtain information about their prospective employees. Just like social media, blogs expose you to future employers as a considerable number of hiring managers spend some time on one or more of their favourite blogs. This article presents to you how social media will help you get the job you really want.

Create a professional image on social media

Your social media profile should display professionalism. This means that your pictures, as well as any post you make, should display some degree of professionalism. Let your communication be based on fact and where it is an opinion, it should be an honest one.

Use good English on both social media and blogs

Employers are keen on hiring serious people. Writing social media or blog posts that have grammatical errors not only portrays you as lacking seriousness but may also be taken as incompetence. Potential employers will, however, develop a liking for you once they realise that your posts are always appropriately worded, correctly punctuated and communicate with precision.

Ensure your blog posts are informative

Every blog post that you make should be an opportunity to showcase your wealth of knowledge. Always post timely, accurate and well thought out articles. With time, people including employers will consider you an authority in your area. This gives your prospective employer courage that given an opportunity, you can deliver.

Social media showcases your personality fits

As you continue using social media, you realise that you will increasingly express your views more spontaneously. The effect is that potential employers will know what kind of personality you are. You never know, an employer may just be impressed with you and contact you for your dream job.

Social media offers an opportunity to show a wide range of interests

Your social media posts will show whether you are knowledgeable in several areas or you are simply naïve. Participate in social media discussions on a range of topics. Employers are interested in informed candidates; it is not enough that you should have good school grades.

Social media gives you unsolicited references

Hiring managers are more inclined to hire a candidate who has some references. With social media, you do not need to labour looking for a reference. Platforms such as LinkedIn allow you to display recommendations on your profile. Having your current employer or a satisfied customer recommends you will boost your chances of moving from the current job to the one of your dream.

Having a large following shows that you are an influential person

If you exercise professionalism and creativity while at the same time remaining informed of all important news and events, you will have many followers. It could be that they follow you on social media or follow your blog posts. Hiring managers are interested in candidates who have a large following because they believe that the followers must have seen something unique.

Key points

  • Use your real name both on social media and blog to help people find you
  • Use as many social media platforms as you can
  • Be of help to others by sharing information and resources
  • Update regularly
  • Be social

Things to avoid

  • Avoid talking about your job search too often
  • Do not spam people

With the hits provided here, you can comfortably position yourself for that job while at the same time having some nice moment doing what you like most.

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