Social Commerce on Cardano: Meloot to hold a seed sale on KICK.IO

The world of e-commerce is rapidly transitioning to that of social commerce, where demand for products is driven by videos and posts from social media. Both brands and their consumers can benefit from advertising products through social media, with stronger sales and valuable insights into product use cases, which further encourage online shopping. Video commerce already accounts for 10% of Chinese e-commerce – a trend that is already making its way to the West.

That’s why we are thrilled to be hosting the seed sale of Meloot ($LADA) on the KICK.IO launchpad. Meloot is the first decentralized e-commerce platform on the Cardano blockchain, powered by its native utility token $LADA. You can think of Meloot as Amazon driven by TikTok, where e-commerce capabilities are utilised in synergy with video-based shopping, and Meloot algorithm connects people to the brands they like through an interactive medium.

Meloot offers a platform for the sale and purchase of physical and digital products, as well as for content promotion and staking. Meloot ecosystem promotes live, video-based online shopping that not only benefits content creators, influencers, and merchants, but also empowers everyone to start their own brand, connect, interact and engage with their customers in a meaningful way.


The First Decentralized Social Commerce Platform on Cardano
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Seed sale on KICK.IO

Meloot’s seed sale will kick off on February 10, 13:00 GMT and will run until February 17, 13:00 GMT. Based on our early projections of investor interest, we anticipate this public sale to be massively oversubscribed. Be sure to participate early!

Priority round details:

  • Ticker: LADA
  • Price: $0.0275 USD
  • KYC: Yes
  • Start date: 2022-02-10 13:00 GMT
  • End date: 2022-02-11 13:00 GMT
  • Available for sale: 10000000 $LADA
  • Payment options: ADA
  • In order to participate in the endorsement system and the sale for the priority round 10000 KICK has to be staked in one of the locked pools.

Seed round details:

  • Ticker: LADA
  • Price: $0.03 USD
  • KYC: Yes
  • Start date: 2022-02-11 13:00 GMT
  • End date: 2022-02-17 13:00 GMT
  • Available for sale: 30,000,000 $LADA
  • Payment options: ADA
  • In order to participate in the endorsement system for the seed round, 10000 KICK has to be staked in one of the locked pools.


KICK.IO is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and project accelerator, designed to provide transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized crowdfunding services. KICK.IO is set to mature into a cornerstone of the new Cardano-dominated DeFi landscape, becoming the place where Cardano’s extensive community can come together to fund projects characterized by the immense potential for future success.

Our next-generation decentralized launchpad will be built according to the best DeFi industry practices, ensuring real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, true decentralization, zero counterparty risk, while also being fully scalable to meet the needs of institutional investors. Unlike our competitors, we offer full support of Cardano native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools that upcoming projects need to thrive and prosper.

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