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Social Bookmarking Services And SEO

Social bookmarking is a service that allows Internet users to save, organize and search websites or web pages using bookmarks. These services have become a new trend in optimization and SEO. Sometimes, social bookmarking promotion is called CMO (social media optimization) as it is a whole section of promotion, marketing tool, and optimization strategy.

To make it easier to explain how it works, we can say that it’s like bookmarking websites that you store in your browser. Only these bookmarks are not with you, but on the Internet, which means they are available to all network users (including search engine robots).

Why is social bookmarking an effective SEO tool? This is because all social bookmarking services are based on tags. That is, once you bookmark a site, you tag or categorize it with keywords so that other users can find your site when they need information about a particular topic.

What is the beauty of social bookmarking services? The fact that they allow you to leave do-follow links. That is, you get a free link with the correct anchor text. What could be better?

Why is it so important? Because you feed the search engines!

Social bookmarking creates food for search engine spiders. Google especially loves this kind of food. As soon as your social bookmark appears in its index, it is ingested by the greedy Googlebot spider, and almost immediately shows up in Google’s SERPs.

How to add to social bookmarks? You will need:

  1. The part of the text that is most important and describes the entire text;
  2. Irresistible, even provocative name;
  3. Keywords;
  4. Account in social bookmarking services;
  5. And a tool to automate adding bookmarks (sambit) to social bookmarks, such as “Bookmarker” or “BmSubmitter”.

There are two types of social bookmarking services. The first is when you leave a link with a small description, the second is news services.

The benefit of the former is to improve the link ranking of your site. Also, many use this type of service to speed up indexing by search engines.

The benefit of the second is traffic surge. The point is that you publish a small title, a short description, and a direct link to the full news item that is on your site. That is, you are doing, as it were, an announcement on your page. If someone likes your news, the reader can vote for it. The more votes and the higher the rating of voters (as well as your rating), the more likely it is that your news will be in the TOP news.

Then just wait for the crowds of visitors, sometimes there are so many of them that your site engine can not stand it. In the West, this is called the digging effect. Of course, getting to the TOP for a CMO beginner is not easy. All news services have their own rules, terms, and, as always, their mafia. This, I believe, is the lack of many services. Sometimes, you look, and the whole TOP is full of a frank gamble, but, indeed, good news immediately goes down to nowhere.

My advice: use powerful interesting keywords and catchy headlines, write about interesting topics, and leave captivating descriptions. Here you will need marketing knowledge and intuition. Seeing what the online community is interested in now is quite simple. Many statistics services have statistics on the most frequent queries per day.

The biggest problem with the social bookmarking method is timing and the relative effectiveness of links. And if the first problem is solved by various software, then the second is that it has not yet been proven for sure that links from social bookmarks add DArank and PR, although there have already been positive experiments.

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