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SNG Presale-Don’t Get Left Behind!

Since people started bartering to create an economy, they have dreamed of independence and financial freedom. Whether the fiat utilized was chickens, gold, pounds, dollars, rupees, or cryptocurrency, people chased financial freedom.  Economic freedom could be incredible wealth or independence from government interference or politics. These are the reasons cryptocurrency came to be.  Since the invention of crypto, several projects have stood out, but are they the best? Many point to Bitcoin or Ethereum as the gold standard and believe nothing will top them. Think for a moment and ask yourself, what if you had the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the most innovative cryptocurrency to hit the market in a generation? That cryptocurrency that could grant financial independence comes with a mountain of utilities already operating and more mind-blowing uses in the works.  The cryptocurrency project you need for economic freedom is the SNG token!

Fantastic opportunities await in the SNG presale. Once you venture to SwapNgo.Exchange, you notice it has its presale page. A launch pad will then be added to enable other launches that will generate income and value for the SNG token. What sets its launch pad apart from others is that a trader does not need native tokens for a presale transaction.  Currently, SwapNgo uses the Binance and the Ethereum blockchains. Anyone purchasing the SNG token can make token to token swaps with any of the 259 tokens currently listed by SwapNgo. You will not have to convert presently held tokens into Eth or BNB to purchase SNG tokens at presale.  You only need a small amount for gas fees and can buy SNG with one click.  It is easy and saves traders money by not converting tokens to buy SNG. One-click saves money and brings the revolutionary SNG token and SwapNgo exchange!

Once purchasing the SNG token, other intriguing options await. Buying to stake for triple digit gains would make anyone happy growing their investment immediately. Another unique option is the issuance of affiliate links. These links allow the holder to give them to friends and family.  When a friend or family member purchases SNG during the presale, you will earn 5% of the total purchase as a bonus. If an investor buys to stake and someone uses their affiliate link, they will earn extra SNG tokens in two ways, but this excitement does not end at launch!

Many crypto projects promise utility or will never have utility. That’s where the SNG/SwapNgo project shines. The SwapNgo/SNG project has a multitude of utilities. On the exchange,(Swapngo.Exchange)  token-to-token swaps, staking, and limit swaps exist.  On SwapNgo, one can directly trade from one token to another or use the limit trade, setting a token trade after it reaches a specific percentage gain.  As impressive as that sounds, the future will be even brighter.

Soon, SwapNgo/SNG will launch more exciting utilities. These include a jackpot paying winners in SNG tokens, credit cards allowing users to spend crypto, P2E games, the metaverse (via our partnership with Playworld), cross-chain trading, cross-chain prelaunch, the staking of Playworld tokens, staking of SNG tokens, and exciting utilities that can’t be divulged yet.  With the utilities SwapNgo/SNG having recently launched or are to be launched, the potential earnings by the SwapNgo Exchange and the SNG token can be incredible.  That leads one to ask about the most critical piece of the puzzle: tokenomics.

Combining utilities that can generate considerable income, the price of SNG stands an excellent chance of rapidly increasing.  When combining tokenomics with the capacity to create large amounts of income, the SwapNgo/SNG project becomes something special. For starters, SNG has a paltry 100 million supply.  These tokens, rapidly burned in a hyper-deflationary system using low buy-and-sell taxes and a buy-to-burn concept, reduce supply as fast as possible and fund the liquidity pool by spiking the price. The initially low circulating supply, hyper-deflationary system, and a high wealth-generating group of utilities give the SNG token an extraordinary chance to spike upward. The SwapNgo/SNG project will quickly rise to the forefront of the Crypto world! So, the question is, how much will you buy, and how fast will financial independence arrive? Please find out more by visiting the at or Youtube.

Upcoming SNG events to get excited about!

Phase 1 Presale SNG and Launch of SNG Token
Phase 2 ETH/BNB Cross Chain, Update Jackpot to SNG on BNB Chain, add Base Chain
Phase 3 NFTs, Gift Vouchers, Add Cronos Chain
Phase 4 Avalanche Chain and Launch Metaverse
Phase 5 SNG Mobile App and Launch Crypto On and Off Ramp
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