Snap Token – Alternative Cryptocurrency For Tourism and Geo-location adventure

 The tourism industry contributed $7.2 trillion USD to the global economy in 2016 and it’s only likely to grow in the future as flights become cheaper and the World becomes more accessible (, 2016). Snapcity aims to build on this growing trend, by allowing users to complete challenges around the world, helping users to discover the best sights and attractions in a city faster, a fun and enjoyable application where users can interact with each other and help promote local businesses.

SnapCity is the latest geo-location adventure and discovery app. It will soon be available on both the Apple App and Google Play Stores. SnapCity gives its users the opportunity to discover the best that cities around the world have to offer, and be rewarded for doing so. Users are rewarded with points for completing challenges, and these points can then be used at local businesses for discounts and free items. The main target audience for SnapCity is millennials or young travelers. They are accustomed to using their mobiles for everyday activities and are already used to other social media platforms.

SnapToken-Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency” is an ERC20 token deployed on the Main Ethereum Network. Snap Tokens are the currency used in SnapCity, which can be used by businesses to advertise on SnapCity.  Snap Tokens are also used by users to create challenges (as a bounty), for their friends or as public challenges. The challenges are verified using the decentralized and distributed blockchain based solution which prevents users from using their token more than once.

The ICO for Snap tokens commenced January 13, 2018. The money raised from the ICO will be used to further develop the platform, as well as on advertising. Our plan with advertising is to advertise at airports, train stations and also on public transport. Also, Business organizations can join snapcity either by purchasing Snap Tokens in the ICO, wait for them to become available on various exchanges or start accepting them in-store. For regular users, they  can  buy the tokens in the ICO or wait for them to become available on exchanges.

Invest in snap tokens today; all you need to do is go to the ICO sale section on our website, and send your Ethereum to the contract address, add the contract address to your Ethereum wallet and the tokens will be deposited within 30 seconds.

For more information, and participation in Our Pre-Sale and ICO today kindly visit:

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