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SMM Panel: A New Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Influencers are everywhere, and their rise persuades youths to learn how to be like them. You couldn’t imagine how easy it is to buy a Lamborghini, but nowadays, influencers post photos of them driving it like it is nothing! This article will discuss a new modern way to grow on social media networks called SMM Panels. This very new tool helps you increase your audience by getting new followers, enhancing your branding, and being more professional, but the catch is it is SO CHEAP!

What is an SMM Panel?

SMM Panel is a web interface for managing all social-network services at once. In an SMM Panel, you can find services for tens of different social network platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Threads, Clubhouse, SoundCloud, Spotify, and so on in one place.

The benefit of using an SMM Panel is that you do not need multiple management software to manage your orders and can grow all your accounts in one place.

SMM Panel Cost

It is free to use SMM Panels! SMM Services are pay-as-you-go services, meaning you will pay as much as you use and will not be charged if you don’t get any service! However, if you want to start your SMM Business, hosting an SMM Panel will cost you unless you use child panels.

Top 5 SMM Panels in the World

Finding the right SMM Panel is difficult because many panels exist. Let’s dive into Google and check the current Top 5 Panels in the World.

#1 JustAnotherPanel (JAP)

JustAnotherPanel is one of the world’s oldest panels, offering thousands of services in one platform. And JAP team claims, ‘We lead, They Follow.’ which indicates their power.

#2 SMMPakPanel

SMMPakPanel is the #2 panel in the top 5 list. This panel had done over 2.9 million orders which indicates their popularity.

#3 SMMFollows

On the home page, They said, “Our SMM Panel offers you the possibility to promote your business on social networks with a high quality and a cheap price.”

#4 SMMWorldPanel

SMMWorldPanel is 4th SMM site in our list. they claim that they made a platform to help customers boost sales, and it is easy to use their platform.

#5 Followdeh

Followdeh SMM Panel is the newest competitor in the market. This SMM Panel has a unique user interface focusing on user experience and service accessibility. Followdeh offers hundreds of quality SMM Services that help users grow on social media.

Social Media Marketing


Free SMM Panel Services

SMM Panel Services are cheap, but Free SMM Services are so popular because you can test before paying any cost. One fact is that using low-quality service could damage your Instagram Page or reputation, so it is better to CHECK IT FIRST!

Newest SMM Services

Knowing which service is popular now will help you find new and modern panels instead of old creepy ones. Recently, Instagram launched Instagram Threads, a new platform that helps Instagram creators post their thoughts on a well-integrated platform. In a word, Instagram has built Threads to compete with Twitter!

Does Follow Exchanging still work?

With the rise of Instagram Threads, people wonder if it is possible to get followers with follow-exchanging methods instead of buying bot followers from SMM Panels. The simple answer is Yes! But what is Follow Exchanging?

This Diigo note states, “Follow Exchange is a simple cold-calling method that focuses on two Follow and Unfollow actions. In this method, you find new but active accounts and follow them. Then you will wait for a Follow-back request, and If after some time, that person did not follow you, You will unfollow and never come back.” 

SMM Panel vs. Advertising

Using an SMM Panel is a way of advertising, but traditional online advertising is now useless and expensive compared to what an SMM Panel can bring you cheaply! Let’s do the math to see how cheap it is to use an SMM Panel.

Social Media Marketing

For Example, you want to add 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel to monetize it. The minimum cost per click for YouTube is 0.1$. It means if your ad attracts 100% of clicks and each person who clicks subscribes to your channel, you need 100$ to get 1000 subscribers.

But Let’s see how much it is in the Followdeh SMM Panel:

Yes! You can get 1000 YouTube High-Quality Subscribers for only $37.8 from the Followdeh SMM Panel. 

Do the Math for other platforms yourself!


Using SMM Panels will save you money and time in addition to helping you get introduced to other areas of Social Media Marketing. SMM Panels are cheap, but finding a good one could be tricky because of many competitors.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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