SMARTRealty – Trustless and Automated Transactions for Real Estate.

SMARTRealty is described as a digital platform built on the blockchain technology created to offer practical and functional solutions to real estate transactions. The platform integrates smart contracts in real estate transactions like rental agreements and property sales such that anyone, anywhere in the world can either buy or rent properties online with the use of digital currency. The platform has 3 main components – the contracts platform, the listing platform and the RLTY tokens.

How does the whitepaper/website look?

The SMARTRealty whitepaper is fourteen pages of a concise and comprehensive review of the SMARTRealty platform. As compared to some rather lengthy and redundant whitepapers, this whitepaper is brief and straight to the point with pithy yet detailed texts. The textual context is supported with graphical illustrations to help break down and further elaborate certain points and facts that require pictorial explanation.

Click here to download the Whitepaper.

The SMARTRealty website is pretty similar to the whitepaper in that it is also simple and easily navigable. The interface is well designed and easy to master. The website has an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that addresses a number of points. The site features a YouTube video that perfectly depicts the functionalities of the SMARTRealty platform. In addition to an overview of the token sales details, the website features a countdown timer to help investors and potential investors keep track of the ongoing ICO.

Visit the website:

How transparent is the team?

The SMARTRealty technical team is made up of six members who altogether have acquired tremendous experience in the development of complex smart contracts and blockchain based projects as well as experience in real estate and business. Every member of the team is linked to their LinkedIn profile with a customer support hotline and e-mail address for the platform where they can be reached for correspondence. There’s also a physical address with the added feature of a map layout for easier navigation. With active social media profiles and an e-newsletter which users can subscribe to for regular updates on the platform, the SMARTRealty is transparent enough.

Is the ICO showing signs of regulatory compliance?

The public token sale of RLTY tokens is ongoing, it commenced on the 15th of February 2018 and is set to operate for a period of 90 days until the 15th of May 2018. The tokens are priced at 1 RLTY to 0.0008 ETH. The ICO of RLTY tokens is KYC compliant meaning that the company reserves the right to refuse token purchase to investors who do not meet the criteria necessary to buy tokens. These investors could be people resident in countries or jurisdictions where trading of cryptocurrencies via exchange or ICOs are is unauthorized. The KYC compliance ensures that SMARTRealty does not violate any law or authorization in the bid to utilise the crowdfunding tool – ICO.

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How disputable are the company’s claims?

SMARTRealty describes its concept as ‘revolutionizing the real estate industry’. Granted, there are a number of blockchain based real estate projects in the market, however, competition often stimulates the progress of technology and as long as there are similar projects in technology, many will make great strides forward. SMARTRealty is one of such projects, the company has great potentials to establish itself in the market. With the three primary elements – contracts platform, listing platform and SMARTRealty Tokens, the platform has an edge over its competitors.

How clear is the roadmap?

The SMARTRealty platform was founded in 2017, hence, the roadmap starts out with the research, planning and development of the concept, a process that covered the whole of 2017. The rest of the roadmap gives a monthly structural plan of the development process until June 2019 when the SMARTRealty platform will be officially launched for property sales and rentals. When the ongoing ICO is completed, the team will test run SMARTRealty contracts in readiness for the official version.

SMARTRealty is an extraordinary idea and beyond facilitating sales and rentals of properties, the project will help to substantially reduce disputes between landlords and tenants often caused as a result of a misunderstanding in the agreement. If SMARTRealty is widely adopted on implementation, it will definitely improve the landscape of things in real estates forever.

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