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Smart ways to answer interview questions

Smart ways to answer interview questions

Landing your dream job is a task. There are several stages you have to go through before getting a job. However, the interview intimates job seekers the most. It is a crucial stage to get to your dream job where your skills, academic qualities, experience, and personality are judged by the employer or interviewers. 

There are many things you can do to ace an interview. It starts with finding the right questions that are commonly asked during an interview as well as practicing those questions. Although, the way you answer a question in an interview matters just as much, if not more. 

In this article, we are going to share some of the best ways to smartly answer interview questions. So go ahead and take a look at the following article so that you can prepare yourself for an interview better.

1. Share specific facts and data to make your answers more impressive

One mistake some candidates make during an interview is giving vague answers to questions that require Data or facts. If you have prepared thoroughly for your interview then you should use the facts and data wherever you can. 

For example, instead of saying ” I have a good sales record”, you can say ” I am one of the top 5 salespeople in our group of 100 people and I hit 150% of annual sales goals for my position.”

2. Be brief and concise

Over-explaining can sometimes do more harm than good during an interview. A candidate who gives brief and concise answers has more chances than those who give long answers. 

Listen to the question carefully and answer only the specific things that have been asked. You should stop before you carry on for too long as it won’t look good in an interview. Make sure you highlight the best points and facts that have been asked.

3. Take your time and ask for clarification if needed.

No one has said you have to answer as soon as the interview ends. You can ask for a minute to collect your thoughts and think about how you want to answer the asked questions. 

You politely ask for a minute to think before answering the question, it would not only help you to form a better answer but makes you look confident as well. 

Furthermore, if you have any doubts about the question that has been asked, then don’t hesitate to ask for clarification, it will be far better than a wrong answer!

4. Make it about them, not you!

This is a crucial point to remember. You have to remember that interviewers are asking some specific questions to know if you would be a better fit for the company and will meet its needs. So while answering, you should always make sure to give an answer that shows your focus is on the interviewers and the company.

For example, if they are questioning about a skill and experience then you can include how your skill or experience would be suitable for the company and position while answering.

5. Talk about the future

Most of the interview is going to revolve around your past, as in your experience with the last company you worked for or the skills that you have learned in the past year. While answering the questions, you should talk about the future too. For example, you can talk about your future goals and how they align with the company’s goals or interests. 

6. Be sincere

Answer the questions with utmost sincerity so you don’t look fake or over the top, which sometimes gives off negative energy about the candidate.

Try to be honest about your experiences, skills, and overall personality while maintaining the balance with professionalism. 

7. Smile and show some enthusiasm 

A confident smile goes a long way, it adds so much to your overall personality and will certainly impress the interviewers. 

So don’t keep a resting face without any emotions, just keep a subtle smile during the interview. Also, show your enthusiasm for the job positions or the company to let the employer know that you care and the job means something to you.

8. Treat it like a conversation

It’s pretty common to get all nervous about the interview, so you need to understand that an interview is no different than a conversation. The people are just there to get to know you and your overall skills and experience to figure out why you deserve the job.

So, you can answer the question as if it’s a conversation which will put you a lot more at ease and help you appear more confident. To know how to start conversation you can check Questionsgems.

9. Ask some questions too! 

While this article is all about finding a better way to answer questions in an interview, asking questions also helps a lot. 

As you ask questions, you will appear more interested and serious about the job which will have a positive impact on interviewers. You can ask the questions while answering the questions too, so you will get more clarity.


Here we have come to an end for our article, “smart ways to answer interview questions”. We have included the best tips that can help you answer the questions more confidently and in a better way which might increase your chances to impress the interviewers! 

That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for. Best of luck with your interview and we hope you get the job!

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