SMART VALOR to launch a Blockchain-based Platform for Democratized Tokenized Investments

Blockchain is mostly synonymous with cryptocurrencies, digital tokens used as a medium of exchange. 2017 and most of 2018 was the time of digital currencies, with hundreds of launches. The market is facing a number of significant issues, which lead to confusion on the part of investors and the token platforms themselves:

Legal: Many platforms and exchanges within the crypto sphere do not comply with current financial regulations, with countries even declaring them illegal. This is primarily due to these platforms holding limited liability and legal obligation to their users.

Immature Security: Although blockchain itself is a very secure ledger, a lack of standardized security, along with the immense value of tokens on the platform make them a big opportunity for hackers. It is estimated that a total of USD 2.3 billion in crypto assets have been stolen so far due to lapses in security, mostly from exchanges.

User Knowledge: Traditional investors are not used to the complex securities and technical skills required to operate and invest in digital securities. Cryptographic keys, transactions, operation of wallets and verification of tokens transfers can be overwhelming and many big investors still hesitate to venture into the blockchain sector.

Smart Valor: Creating Opportunities for Investments

Keeping the above mentioned issues in mind, a platform has been launched to cater for online investments with focus on digital assets. Smart Valor, the decentralized platform keeps in focus:

Cryptocurrencies and other non-security tokens (for protocols, utility and payments within platform). With a growth of over 252% in the last 12 months, this is the kind of attraction that investors seek, but many are still not venturing due to the legal and other restrictive issues.

Asset backed security tokens such as equity, real estate, crypto based funds etc., although, having less liquidity than cryptocurrencies, do have a higher rate of return and are more stable. This is the kind of interest that large scale investors, venture capitalists and private equity funds are more interested in.

Smart Valor Services

Smart Valor basically segregates investments into three main groups:

Traditional Investors With No Crypto Exposure: The platform offers secure and legally compliant access to new digital assets that the traditional investors have never ventured into. Smart Valor improves the portfolio through addition of these alternate investments. The addition of cryptos also mean a diversification of the portfolio.

Traditional Investors With Crypto Exposure: Through stable token assets, such as real estate, private equity and even gold, investors who have backed digital tokens can increase their returns through solid investments.

Affluent Investors From Emerging Markets: With investors who heavily fund tokens, safety of their assets and liquidity is always an issue. Smart Valor invests and holds these assets in jurisdictions that are crypto friendly, allowing a legal protection, especially for investors from emerging markets. The ability to access funds through mobiles or credit cards ensure liquidity.

Investments Made Safe Through Valor

Valor is the native ERC20 compliant token of the Smart Valor platform. Keeping in mind about the legality of utility tokens, the platform uses Valor for more than just a medium of exchange. The Valor token offers a number of benefits to its holders:

Membership: Through staking a certain amount of tokens, users are given access to additional functionalities on the platform that other users will not be.

Loyalty Programs: Rewards will be offered to active contributors on the platform. these include paybacks, incentives and discounts.

Payment: Although any supported token or coin can be used on the platform, the token will be required for services fee and any transaction made with the Valor token will carry discounts.

Surveys & Voting: Active users will be allowed to take part in surveys and votes for future functionality additions on the platform.

The token sale is set to start in Q4 2018. With 1 billion tokens to be ever minted, 45% of them will go to the pre sale and ICO, 5% are set aside for bounty programs, another 5% will be used as a liquidity buffer. 26% will be retained for future development of the platform (with a 3 year smart contract lock to ensure no abuse of power is made) and the remaining 19% will be set aside for the founders and the team.

Exact dates of the sales will be announced in the future.

Visit the website for more information:

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