Smart Valor: The Tokenization Of Assets and the Democratization of Alternative Investments.

Currently, there are tons of investment opportunities that users can decide to opt-in for, one of that is traditional alternative investments which have currently expanded to over $7 trillion. While alternative investments have proven to have great potential, certain problems and flaws have hindered the global expansion of this industry. One of those flaws is “lack of access to average investors”.

With tokens, transfer of ownership will become frictionless, in fact, everything will be owned in the future.

The Valor Platform

With the industry growing rapidly, there is every need for a platform or marketplace for the sale and purchase of tokenized alternative investments. The Smart Valor platform is that main platform. It is a community-based decentralized marketplace for tokenized investments.

The mission of this platform is to fully democratize the access to finance just like the internet democratized the access to information. The Smart Valor platform seeks to provide a secure and frictionless access to alternative investments.

The Valor platform happens to be a one-stop platform that has been designed with certain integral components. Some of these components include;

  1. A marketplace that will be charged with the responsibility for listing assets-backed tokens.
  2. A licensed exchange is another key component of the Valor platform and has been developed for mostly secondary trading. Also, a marketplace for contributors has been integrated into the platform.
  3. A community-based voting and governance system
  4. Reward programs for contributors as well as investors.
  5. To ensure that the platform adheres to regulatory rules and regulations, a full onboarding of investors have been incorporated as one of the main components of the platform.

Layers Of The Valor Platform

The platform has been developed with certain layers. Some of these layers include;

  • Gateways
  • Applications
  • Core layer
  • Core applications
  • Protocol layer

How The Community Members Participate On The Platform

In order to create a strong community, the community members will have to contribute their quota.

  1. Community members contribute to the creation of value; they are able to earn rewards simply by investing on the platform. Members can also contribute their skills and expertise in different development fields.  
  2. Members or participants can build their reputation and also increase their earning potential.
  3. They can also place their vote on strategic decisions that will help shape the future of the platform.

Token Sale

Currently, this platform is carrying out a token sale. According to the developers of this platform, investors that go through extra mile to promote this token sale will be offered about 15% rewards on all investments.

These tokens will afford you the opportunity to make use of the Valor platform and its many features. The tokens will offer users the opportunity to trade on the licensed exchange as well as earn the rewards that have been reserved for contributors and Investors. With this token, the Valor platform seeks to decentralize and democratize alternative investments, at the same time ensuring that middle-scale investors get access to these investment opportunities, thus, solving the problem that has faced the ever growing industry.

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