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Smart Tips to Cut Your Intercity Relocation Costs

Smart Tips to Cut Your Intercity Relocation Costs

No matter you are looking for a home relocation or office relocation in Delhi, you have a single goal- to reduce your moving costs as much as you can. Most people are in search of the best ways to reduce their shifting costs. However, they fail in doing so and end up paying extra moving costs to the movers. However, you are lucky as there are numerous tips to save money during your intercity move. These tips will help you reduce your moving prices to a great extent. Here are a few tips that you should use if you are willing to get an affordable intercity relocation:-

Pack Your Stuff at Your Own

Not everyone can muster the courage to pack his household stuff on his own. But, if you pack your household belongings yourself, you will be successful in reducing your moving costs. The reason behind it is that packing is one of the most expensive activities during your intercity relocation. And it takes more time than you have ever imagined. So, you should always pack the articles of your home yourself. This will help you in minimizing your moving costs during the move.


This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your house-shifting costs. However, it is quite surprising to note that most people are ignorant about it. They do not de-clutter before packing their home belongings. As a result, they have no other option but to pay for the unused articles they are moving to their destination. So, it is best to de-clutter before packing your articles.

This will help you in saving your moving costs. De-cluttering is an easy process as you only have to look for the stuff that is no longer in use by you. The best way to find these goods is to separate the belongings that you haven’t used for a year. You should check every single corner of your house to look for these goods. If you happen to find anything that you don’t use, it is better to add it to an already-created list.

Book Shared Moving Truck

People who are looking for a smooth transition of their goods must consider moving their goods through a shared moving truck service. In this service, your belongings are loaded onto the truck that loads multiple goods for different customers. Relocating your goods through a shared truck is one of the best ways to cut your moving costs. However, the disadvantage of opting for the shared moving truck is that it takes a long time to deliver your goods. So, if you have enough funds, you must go for the dedicated trucks which deliver your goods on time.

Move During the Off-season

Most people prefer moving their goods to another place in the off-season. This minimizes their relocation costs to a great extent. The demand for movers in winter or the off-season is low, so the packers and movers are ready to offer their moving services to you at much lower prices. So, the best would be to opt for the off-moving season for your move. However, it is advisable to use an online packers and movers cost calculator to know about the tentative moving prices for your destination in the peak season. If there isn’t much difference in the prices of a peak and off-season move, then you can go for the former.

Avoid Paying for Warehousing Services

Some people are bound to pay higher prices for availing of warehousing services in Delhi.  However, these services are not mandatory for you during the move. So, make sure not to opt for warehousing services if you don’t need them. The prices of warehousing services add to your moving costs and make your move much more expensive. So, you should always avoid availing of these services if you are not moving any sensitive objects with you. This will help you stay within your moving budget.

Get Multiple Quotes

This is another easy method to get affordable moves from professional packers and movers. If you get multiple quotes, you have a provision to compare the prices of these movers and pick the one that suits your moving budget. The best would be to get the top 3 quotes that will help you choose the quote which is the best suited for your move.

Create a Moving Budget

Another best way to cut down your moving costs is to create a moving budget for you. This will help you monitor all the expenses during your move. This will help you avoid any unnecessary expenses during the overall relocation process. You can write down your moving expenses on paper to check whether you are going beyond your budget or not. You can note down any extra charges or the charges of additional services on the paper. This will help you stay within your budget.

Hire Trusted Movers

Last but not least; you should always research your movers while hiring them. As the market is flooded with rogue movers, it is better to go only with professional movers. Unlike fraud movers, they don’t charge hidden prices from you. Also, they have a system to estimate your moving prices perfectly. These packers and movers quote genuine moving charges for you.  These prices are aligned with your moving budget. So, you don’t need to go beyond your moving budget to avail of the moving services from your movers.

Book your Movers As Early As Possible

Well, you should book your movers as early as possible. This will help you in booking your movers at the most competitive prices. People who book their moving company at the last minute are bound to book these movers at a higher price. So, you should always book your movers at the right time. It is advisable to book your packers and movers at least 3 weeks before your move.


The abovementioned tips will be extremely helpful for you if you are willing to book your movers at a much lower cost. Apart from these tips, you can search for other tips to experience an affordable intercity move.

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