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Smart Irrigation Market Current and Future Demand, Analysis, Growth and Forecast By 2027

The growing necessity for efficient irrigation systems and watering methods is propelling the global smart irrigation market forward. A smart irrigation system is an automated system that supplies plants with the exact amount of water they need when they need it without the need for manual intervention.

Watering schedules are automatically adjusted by smart irrigation systems depending on real-time metrics such as plant water content, wind speed, wind direction, and local weather data. Smart irrigation practices have several benefits, including environmental sustainability, reduced labor costs, and lower water usage costs.

Market Dynamics of the Global Smart Irrigation Market

The key drivers driving the growth of the worldwide smart irrigation market are rising government initiatives to promote water conservation, rising farming operations costs, and the growing importance of increasing farm profit by implementing automated irrigation systems.

Furthermore, increasing research and development investment for developing reliable irrigation scheduling solutions, growing interest in developing smart irrigation solutions using the internet of things (IoT), and continuous advancement in sensing and monitoring technologies all contribute to the global smart irrigation market’s rapid growth.

Market Segmentation for Smart Irrigation Around the World

The smart irrigation market is divided into four categories: component, technology, application, and geography. The global smart irrigation market is divided into hardware and software, with the hardware sub-segment further divided into sensors, controllers, sprinkler nozzles, and other components.

The global smart irrigation market is divided into two categories depending on technology: evapotranspiration-based smart irrigation technology and soil moisture-based smart irrigation technology. The global smart irrigation market is divided into agriculture and non-agriculture segments based on application.

Competition Landscape in the Global Smart Irrigation Market

Hunter Industries, Rain Bird Corporation, Netafim, HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc., Rachio Inc., The Toro Company, Calsense, Galcon, Blossom, and Green Electronics LLC are some of the leading vendors in the worldwide smart irrigation market (RainMachine).

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