Smart Advertising Transaction Token is the future of Advertising Transactions

For any business in the modern world, online advertisement is a crucial part. With a huge population of the world now using internet, they can be effectively contacted through online ads, especially through large social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The facts speak itself. In 2017’s first half only online marketing represented EUR 1.8 billion. This represents nearly a 10% increase from 2016’s first half. When it comes to percentages in totality, this is a 33% investment globally on online advertising.

Issues in Online Advertising

Although, through potential user profiling, online ads can be effectively used to target customers, the advertising itself has issues. Some of them are:

  • Distrust: With the company wanting its ads and the publisher literally virtually in different parts of the world, it can lead to mistrust on the final transaction. Never physically facing each other creates a level of mistrust.
  • Actual Views and Clicks: Since many online advertising models use per view and per click modes, it is difficult for organizations and companies to know if their ads are being viewed or clicked by the actual numbers reported by the advertising platform.
  • Payment Delays: The actual payment can face a number of delays, an inherent property of traditional banking.
  • Middle Men Cuts: With banks and other financial institutions doing the financial transaction, they can take a significant portion of the payment as intermediary charges.

SaTT: The Decentralized Solution

The SaTT is a blockchain technology revolution in the online advertising market. Founded by Atayen, the solution is using decentralized technologies and smart contracts to battle the issues of online marketing.

Atayen was founded back in 2014 by Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement. The Atayen is an advertising company that specializes in development of marketing applications that can help advertisers easily do their work on social medias, such as Facebook. The SaTT counters the current issues faced in the online marketing industry by leveraging the transparency of blockchain technology:

  • Smart Contract: Conditions of payments are made into the contract and the money deposited, only released if the advertiser can prove the conditions are met.
  • Immediate Transaction: When the criteria is met, the money is transferred automatically, without delays.
  • Direct Payment: With the transaction stored within the contract itself, the money is transferred directly from one party to another, without the need of an intermediary, bringing down costs.
  • Transparency: The contract insures transparency of billed data, reducing chances of fraud.
  • Secure: Using military grade encryption, the advertisers and organization are safe as funds can only be released to them.

Gauthier Bros says about the SaTT, “We coded a smart contract in solidity to calculate a transaction based on an external source of data (an oracle). Oracles feed the transactions, it can be a number of clicks, a number of views, a number of leads, after that the smart contract calculate the amount owed by an advertiser to a publisher and automatically process the payment, simple but efficient

The smart contract runs on the secure Ethereum blockchain. It contains all the current offers, allowing any API or platform to perform different marketing operations, be they ads that are part of an adbuilder, any postings made for an ad directory and even the provision of necessary statistics for validation of operations performed.


iFrame is a suite of applications developed by Atayen, that allows customers to establish methods to contact potential clients for generating interests in ads and even sales for Facebook pages:

  • Contact Form: Insert an automated contact form in Facebook pages, with auto reply.
  • Newsletter: Generates newsletters from Facebook feeds and emails to subscribers.
  • iFrame Apps: the app allows for any internet related content to be added to a Facebook page.
  • Store App: Custom stores can be imported into a page, for generation of direct sales.
  • Coupon App: Creation of custom coupons for reward programs.
  • Sharing Tool: Customized appearance of shares on social media, with inbuilt performance statistics.

SaTT Token

The SaTT token is what drives these smart contracts. The tokens will allow easy transaction of advertising activities, making it both easy for clients and advertisers to do business in a smooth, faster, secure and transparent manner.

The SaTT token is currently going through its token sale, with 200 million SaTT up for grabs. The SaTT is available currently at a price of USD 0.42 per SaTT, with a hardcap of USD 28.56 million.

The token uses not only ERC20 protocol, but also the latest ERC223, ensuring that the security is top of the line.

The crowd sale ends on March 31st, 2019. Investors wishing to get their hands on the SaTT token can go to their website and register for funding.

With SaTT, as a utility token, allows for smart and smooth transaction of monetary value, changing how the online advertising transactions are done.

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