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Small Businesses Ideas for 2022

It is no secret that coming up with a viable business idea is difficult. There are a plethora of small businesses on the market, and it can be a challenge to work out where you can fit in and make an impact. In this article, we have given you a helping hand. We consider some emerging trends that are on course to take 2022 by storm to help you tap into a viable need in the market, increasing your chances of success.


A massive trend at the moment is reselling. You will probably have seen more and more adverts for apps that buy and resell secondhand items such as clothes. This is predicted to be an increasingly profitable industry over the next few years. Indeed, secondhand clothing is expected to be two times bigger than fast fashion by the year 2030. This emerging trend is partly due to an increase in resale sites that have become easier to navigate.

As with virtually everything else, the global pandemic seems to have impacted and perhaps even partly caused this trend. People are turning online to do their clothes shopping and wish to save money when buying clothes in this financially insecure climate. The modern world is also much more environmentally aware and looks for more sustainable clothing as opposed to disposable garments.

Of course, reselling doesn’t start and end with clothes. You can take this idea and use it for all different kinds of products. There are almost unlimited options, but be sure you hone in on a concept that will appeal to potential customers.


Another option is to delve into the world of accessories. Again, this emerging trend can be partly attributed to COVID-19, as many jewelry and gift-giving chains had to shut due to restrictions. This, in turn, opened up a gap in the market for smaller accessories businesses, especially as support for smaller companies is on the rise due to the pandemic. If you are interested in the accessory market, such as selling necklaces, bracelets, watches, and more, this could be the optimum time to get your business off the ground and stand out.

You could even take advantage of the current situation and consider selling face marks. Despite the fact that many COVID restrictions have eased, face masks still have a strong market, as people are more conscientious of staying healthy and safe. You can tap into this and create your own unique face masks designs. As consumers highly favour sustainability at the moment, perhaps a face mask made from recycled material could give your potential customers yet another reason to explore your business.

Gender-Neutral Beauty Products

Gender-neutral beauty is undeniably on the rise. Gender-neutral beauty essentially refers to beauty products that any gender can use, and many believe that the future of beauty products is non-binary. More men are purchasing and using beauty products than ever seen before. One in twenty British men now wears makeup. With acceptance and demand around gender-neutral beauty products increasing, this could be the perfect time to epitomise this trend and create a business catering to the consumer’s needs. If you couple this idea with sustainable beauty products — another appealing option to consumers in modern times — you could be on to a real winner.

Pop-up Kitchens

At the height of the COVID pandemic, we saw a significant rise in pop-up kitchens. You probably spotted more dotted around parks and town centers when you did dare to venture outside. As restaurants were forced to close and could not fully reopen, pop-up kitchens became an innovative way for businesses to bring food to their customers. Bear in mind that even today, some people will be somewhat nervous about visiting an in-house restaurant, plus many of us have quickly become accustomed to the convenience and immediacy that go hand-in-hand with a pop-up kitchen. Therefore, there is a continued demand for pop-up kitchens on the market, and it is not believed to stop anytime soon.

One avenue you could go down is running a ghost kitchen. This is a pop-up kitchen that only acts as an online takeaway, so you don’t have to worry about the tribulations and trials of in-house dining. Understandably, ghost kitchens were hugely popular during the height of the pandemic, and it looks to be a trend that will continue, as people enjoy the convenience of getting their favorite meals whenever they like as well as wherever.

Another option you could consider is running your business from a food truck. This is an appealing option for many prospective companies as it can cater both indoors and out for all kinds of events. It is also adaptable, compact, and, most importantly, mobile so you can deliver your products conveniently to your customers.


Due to the concerns over the transmission of COVID-19, many people became more concerned with cleanliness and protection from harmful viruses and bacteria. Everyone had a hand sanitiser gel on them when leaving the house, and many of us still do. Cleaning businesses have always been sought after, but as a consequence of our recent global scare, they are even more in demand. Furthermore, you know there will always be work for you. There will always be cleaning work available. Data collated from 2020 shows that there are almost one and a half million workers in the cleaning sector in the UK, which puts cleaning firmly in the top ten industries in the UK for employment.

Final Thoughts

It can be tricky when selecting the right business idea for you. Your business should, first and foremost, be something you are very interested in and motivated by. Still, it is also prudent to consider predicted trends to maximise your chances of creating a business that will serve demand in the market. Once you have settled on a great business idea, it is time to work on putting it into action. Many small businesses need business funding to help make their vision a reality, so ensure you consult a reputable lender company to assist you if you need it and don’t try and tackle everything on your own.

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