Small Blogs, Big Voices: Must-Read Blogs You Haven’t Heard Of

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Tired of reading the same blogs as everybody else? It is time to discover some hidden treasures! There are plenty of smaller blogs out there with big voices and unique perspectives, but they often go unnoticed because everyone wants to read what the big boys have written about.

In this post, we will take you on a tour of must-read blogs you probably haven’t heard of yet. These unknowns share fresh ideas and interesting stories that will make you wonder why didn’t you find them earlier.

So let’s dive in and see what these awesome small blogs have got!


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The TechDope is our first entry on the list. It is a comparatively new tech blog,  their content covers a wide range of topics such as tech news, gaming guides, best products, and informative how-tos.

While many people flock to major well-established technology platforms. However, my preference lies in niche websites which brings something different on board and goes much deeper into specific subjects.

One thing that separates them from others though is their devotion to quality writing that reflects depth in research as well as ease of comprehension. Each article takes complex issues and simplifies them into pieces that readers can easily comprehend.

They are steadily growing, consistently attracting a loyal readership with their insightful posts.

If you wish to read up on any topics related to technology then do check out TechDope.

Katie Caf Travel

If you want great tourist guides look no further than Katie’s website. Katie’s journey started when she decided to leave New York City and travel the world. After having visited more than 30 countries around the globe and lived in various places like Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, India, Thailand, Europe, USA and more. Today she lives in Bali. Katie’s blog covers the best places like Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, the US, Mexico and many others.

She talks about her personal experiences as well as provides travel guides and other useful information for travelers. Whether you are a pro who wants to go on the next holiday or just need some inspiration for your next trip, Katie has all it takes in her selective guides. She goes deep into each place she goes to describing its culture, food and local experiences that make readers feel like they are there with her.

So if you want authentic advice from someone who’s been there and has the passport stamps to prove it then do check out Katie Caf Travel.

Baking Like A Chef

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This is the blog for you if you are a passionate home baker; it is called “Baking Like a Chef”. In 2018 Irina created this charming blog that has become dedicated to sharing baking recipes and also giving essential tips.

Irina has over thirty years of experience in home cooking and baking, and this expertise is reflected in her more than three hundred sweet recipes inspired by or adapted from the world’s famous chefs.

Furthermore, there are plenty of useful baking essentials available on the website even for beginners who haven’t baked yet.

Also, Each post by Irina comes with step-by-step photos that will take you through various techniques and easily explain the hows and whys of baking.

So no matter whether you want to master a well-known dessert or try new flavors, “Baking Like a Chef” will supply you with all necessary information and inspiration so that you could bake fearlessly.


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Headphonesty – The one-stop-shop blog for headphone enthusiasts! The blog does comprehensive headphone reviews explaining the features of every single model at length as well as give an easy-to-understand piece on how many types of headphones work.

In addition to this, the blog also provides excellent and honest guides on how you can make your own buying decisions. These reviews are unbiased and well-organized.

Furthermore, Headphonesty also offers an in-depth analysis of the headphone industry news and trends so that readers can stay up-to-date with the latest developments. This blog is a must-read for anyone looking to purchase new headphones or simply interested in learning more about them.


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TwinFinite – an amazing blog on gaming that covers everything you could ever want to know about gaming. They review the latest video games in detail, dissecting their graphics, story-lines, gameplay mechanics and more… They also keep up with all the biggest news in the world of video games from new consoles dropping to important game updates. Whether you’re into shooters where there’s a lot of action going on or puzzle games or even massive RPGs Twinfinite has got your back with its comprehensive articles which are very well written.

With its engaging content, this blog is a great source of information and entertainment for gamers of all levels.

So if you’re a passionate gamer or just curious about the world of video games, TwinFinite is definitely worth checking out.

That’s it, we hope you’ve enjoyed this list of amazing blogs to help you expand your knowledge and discover new interest

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