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Sleep Connection Wristband Reviews (Updated): Don’t Spend A Dime On Sleep Connection Till You Read This.

Sleep Connection Wristband Reviews

“Grrrreeee grrreeee grrrrreeee” sometimes this grinding, exceedingly killer sound could be scarier and more traumatic than having a nightmare, especially for those around you. Apart from the consequences of poor sleep associated with snoring, the person snoring is usually not by this haunting sound as it is heard mainly by others.

Snoring is the harsh sound made by the nose or throat when the airway is partially obstructed during sleep. You must know one or two people that snore when they sleep. Snoring is more common than you may think. Statistically, about 30 to 40 percent of people snore. Bringing it down to us, it simply means that about 3 to 4 out of 10 people snores. Practicalizing this figure would dictate that almost everyone must know a few people who snore.

But then, there are types of people who snore. There are the habitual snorers and occasional snorers.

Quick question: do you think “snorer” is even an English word? Well, I just used it. It is now!

So by my own definition, the habitual snorers are the ones whom you notice they snore almost every night they go to sleep, sometimes even in the afternoon. Here there are no trigger factors, once they fall asleep you could bet on them snoring and you would be right about more than 70 percent of the time.

While the occasional snorers are the ones who only snore after a hectic or stressful day. These ones don’t snore every time they go to sleep. There is usually a trigger factor for them. In the absence of these trigger factors (whatever they may be), they usually have a smooth and peaceful sleep, which makes them more manageable than their counterparts, the habitual snorers.

How does snoring happen? [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

Yeah, I also always wondered why what is, is and how what was, was. Ok, a little way in over our heads.

How does snoring come about? Why do people make that sound when asleep? How does it even happen?

All these are valid questions, to be sorted out in a few minutes in this Sleep Connection Wristband review. Here is how snoring happens:

When people that are prone to snoring fall asleep, with time there is a sort of weakness or relaxation or reduction in strength of the muscles of the airway. This causes the airway to collapse on itself, partially occluding the airway. When the airway is partially occluded, there is not enough space for air to passage through to get in and out of your lungs. What does this result in? It results in a rush or turbulent flow of air through the narrowed space which gives the harsh sound we refer to as snoring.

Got it? Makes sense, right?

Causes of snoring [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

Having looked at what snoring is and how it comes about, this part of the Sleep Connection Wristband review looks at the possible causes of snoring. What predisposes a person to snore? You might even look at it as a risk factor for snoring. This is an important part because you know what they say, a problem known, is a problem half-solved. Here are some factors that can cause you to snore

Sleeping position: if you do snore, this is one of the factors to consider while evaluating yourself. What position do I take when sleeping? If you have someone who snores, you may want to ask and note what position he usually assumes before the snoring starts. So questions like “what sleeping position does he or she usually snore in?” might go a long way in helping find a solution to the snoring.

Snoring has been noticed to be more when people lie supine, that is, lying on your back with the anterior or front part of your body facing the ceiling. When you assume this position while sleeping, gravity presses directly on your chest and throat and might cause the muscles of the airway to collapse on themselves, narrowing the path of airflow leading to snoring.

However, snoring is not only seen in people lying supine, it might be seen in people lying with their face downwards.

To minimize sleep-position-related snoring, it is advised that the person affected sleeps in a lateral position, on his side. This way, the airway is protected and snoring is mitigated.

Nasal congestion: this is one of the most important factors to consider when someone starts snoring. This is especially true for occasional snoring as it is for habitual snoring. Someone who does not snore might be noticed to start snoring when he is struggling with nasal congestion as this itself tries to compromise the airway. For habitual snoring, nasal congestion makes it worse several times more.

So, if someone with nasal congestion issues starts snoring, the snoring is more often than not a sequel of the nasal congestion and as such, more effort should be put into resolving the nasal congestion than the snoring. This is because once the congestion resolves the snoring usually also resolves since the causative factor is no longer there.

Obesity: having an excessive chunk of fat is also a risk factor for snoring. Snoring is more common and pronounced in obese individuals than lean people. Maybe this is because the excessive fat pushes on the chest and throat against the muscles supporting the airway and maintaining patency of the airways. This predisposes them to snore.

When snoring is noticed in an obese individual, the first step to management should be an endeavor to lose weight. This increases the prognosis and promises a better and more favorable outcome in management. Snoring is harder to manage when there is co-existing obesity.

Ageing: it is a physiological process that as we age, our body (muscles, bones, etc.) and strength wanes. Just like a machine with wear and tear, with old age, the human body grows weaker and more tired. You are no longer able to perform the wonders you were capable of at the more fruitful and stronger years of youth. Such is true also for the muscles of the airway, the grow weaker and easier to collapse or partially occlude during sleep. This is one of the reasons snoring is also common in people of older age groups.

To help solve this, exercises that strengthen the airway muscles are advised. Yes, just as in the gym, continually exercising a muscle group causes them to be stronger and much more efficient. In the same way, these exercises will help strengthen the airway muscles and prevent collapse, thus preventing snoring.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: this is a term that is closely related to snoring and sometimes one might be mistaken for another. But let’s try and see what Obstructive Sleep Apnea is. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a sleep-related disorder that has to do with abnormality in the pattern of breathing while a person is asleep. There is intermittent blockage of airflow while the person is asleep, and this as we now know can result in snoring. It is seen in all age groups and frequency increases with ageing and obesity.

Though it shares many features with snoring, obstructive sleep apnea and the type of snoring caused by this condition is not treated the way we treat regular snoring. For obstructive sleep apnea, you will be needing a CPAP machine. The CPAP machine is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine that helps someone with obstructive sleep apnea to breathe more easily and smoothly during sleep. It functions by increasing the pressure in the airway to avoid the airway collapsing on itself as the person sleeps.

Other causes of snoring include

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Sedatives

How do I stop snoring?

Now that the problem of snoring has been clearly stated; what snoring is, why and how it comes about; this part of the Sleep Connection Wristband review will look into the different ways snoring can be stopped.

Here are some ways or remedies to stop snoring. I divided them into adaptational and technological ways of stopping snoring.

The adaptational remedies are free and only requires you to tweak or make little changes in your daily life or sleep process. They include

Changing sleep position where necessary as seen in position-dependent snoring

Proper management or treatment of nasal congestion and other airway obstructive diseases

Weight loss in cases of obesity

Airway muscle exercises (physiotherapy), for everyone that snores especially people in older age groups

Good stress management

Avoidance of alcohol or smoking close to bedtime. Though for smoking, total quitting is advised and has a better prognosis.

Though the adaptational methods for resolving snoring might be cheaper, it is usually less effective than the technological method of stopping snoring.

The technological methods of stopping snoring

There are different devices out there in the market for handling snoring.

The advantage of these methods is that they provide an immediate remedy with the resolution of snoring, some of them have sleep monitoring functions for referencing and analysis.

The disadvantage is that they are not free.

They include

Sleep Pod

Sleep Connection Wristband device

What is the Sleep Connection Wristband? [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

Sleep Connection Wristband is a smart anti-snoring wristband that stops you from snoring. It looks like a watch just a little bigger, with wrist straps for attachment. It makes use of a method called biomechanical feedback. What does this mean? It means that it detects the frequency of snoring and sends out electrical impulses just enough to cause you to reposition which will help to relieve the snoring or stop the snoring completely.

It is a very safe and effective way of managing snoring when compared to its alternatives in the market that usually have to do with drugs or other medical means of stopping snoring.

Who needs the Sleep Connection Wristband?

This is an important question to ask. It is a good thing it has a straightforward answer too.

The Sleep Connection Wristband is a device meant for those who snore and for some of us who stay with people who snore. This device sends out electrical impulses when it detects the user snoring. The impulses serve to stimulate the individual just enough to cause him to reposition which will help ameliorate and stop snoring. So, anyone with the problem of snoring, who does not want to be a burden and a nighttime horror to the people around them needs the Sleep Connection Wristband wristband to combat snoring.

Also, it serves to improve the quality of one’s sleep and by extension the day’s activities.

Sleep Connection Wristband

Features of the Sleep Connection Wristband [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

Here are some of the features of the Sleep Connection Wristband. You may have asked, “What makes the Sleep Connection Wristband so special?” Well, better pay attention, cause here goes nothing.

Immediate action: the snore stop is not like some of its alternatives that you have to wait a certain number of minutes for it to start working or something, for instance when using pills to manage the problem of snoring. The Sleep Connection Wristband does not require any action from its user, all you have to do is in fact, dare snore… Ha-ha. By just strapping the band and pressing the start button before going to bed, you will have the Sleep Connection Wristband monitor your sleep and stop you anytime it detects you are snoring.

Biomechanical feedback: this is pretty much new in the technological market. What this implies is that the Sleep Connection Wristband works in a fashion tailored to different users. How is this possible? The biomechanical feedback means that it first monitors, detects the frequency before now finding and grading its own response to match the results it got from that particular user. In functions in a personalized way, and who does not love a personalized treatment.

Portable: in the world of Sleep Connection Wristband, portability is not a problem. It is no surprise why this is so because it is as lightweight as a wristwatch. Hence it can easily tag along during travels, you can practically take it with you anywhere.

Also, it has a stylish design. I mean who would have thought that a wristband would serve to stop snoring? Well, in our modern-day technologically advancing society, this stopped being a mystery.

Safety: this anti-snoring device is 100% safe to use. It is drug-free, so it does not have any possible side effects as could be seen in anti-snoring pills. Also, it does not emit any unhealthy rays which could cause the individual harm

Smart turn off: the Sleep Connection Wristband automatically turns off 8 hours from its activation. This function helps save some battery should in case you jump off from the bed and jump straight into the day’s activities. The regular sleep should last about 6 to 7 hours so, the automatic power-off is set at 8 hours to ensure it likely falls into when you are already awake.

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Benefits of using the Sleep Connection Wristband [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

Improves the quality of sleep: filtering snores from your sleep greatly improves the quality of one’s sleep. Studies show that snoring affects the people around the person just as much as it affects the individual snoring (hence, this makes it a social problem), just like the case of smoking. The use of Sleep Connection Wristband to put an end to snoring ensures that you and the people around you get enough quality sleep.

Improves relationships: you can’t be categorically happy being with someone that disrupts your sleep. Of the many stages of our life, sleep is one of the important checkpoints that should not be joked with. This is why it is difficult to be happy in a relationship to practically take sleep from your eyes. Employing the use of the Sleep Connection Wristband helps you properly tackle this problem and you might even earn more cuddle minutes as bonus points.

Increases productivity: this is a direct relationship between quality sleep and productivity. A night of poor sleep will result in fatigue, slow reasoning, daytime sleepiness amongst other things that have the potential to make your day difficult and tamper with your productivity. The Sleep Connection Wristband insures you against poor sleep, hence, much better productivity during the day.

Comfortable to use: the device is very comfortable to use, being strapped to the wrist, it ensures little to no discomfort while you are asleep. While the sensation of a wristband on you might be strange for the first few days, you get used to it with time. You know as Thanos would say “a small price for salvation”

Easy to use: as you have already seen in the “how to use” section of this review, this antisnoring device is pretty much easy to use. In as little as 2 simple steps, it is up and running.

Smart power off function: it powers off 8 hours from its activation which well covers the average 6 to 8 hours duration of quality sleep. Also, if forget to power it off after sleep, it turns itself off after the 8th hour.

Safe to use: it is 100% safe to use being drug-free and radiation-free. Some of the alternatives to the Sleep Connection Wristband in the market emit rays that might be harmful to the body. Using the Sleep Connection Wristband comes with no side effects because of the care that was put into its manufacturing process, ensuring it doesn’t expose its users to any funny side effects.

Affordable: The Sleep Connection Wristband is very affordable. What’s more, there is an ongoing whopping 50% discount in price with free shipping to all locations. This is to ensure that the device is affordable to anyone who needs it. Who does not like an effective yet affordable solution? You will do well ordering yours while the offer lasts.

How the Sleep Connection Wristband works [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

This Sleep Connection Wristband is an advanced antisnore device with intuitive technology, puts a quick stop to snoring. Being intuitive, when activated it monitors the body and when it detects the user snoring, at the 3rd snore wave it is triggered to act. What does it do? It flogs the living hell out of the user!… No, not that, not this product at least. It sends out the electrical impulses to cause the individual to reposition thereby relieving snoring.

It functions by causing the Repositioning of the person snoring. This is one of the more effective ways of putting an end to snoring. It is totally safe to use. It does not have any rays which may be harmful to the human body like some antisnore technologies do have. Also, it is drug-free; you do not have to ingest any pills close to bedtime to avoid snoring and all that.

How to use the Sleep Connection Wristband

This is one of the easiest to use devices you have come across in your entire life, trust me. Using this device is even easier than setting up your wristwatch, yes! This is superb because you do not require any tech-savvy skill to be able to use the Sleep Connection Wristband.

In just 3 simple steps you can start using the Sleep Connection Wristband

1.Strap the wristband to your wrist (left hand, right hand? Whichever wrist you find more comfortable)

2.Press the start button

3.Sleep peacefully

Just like that, you are insured against snoring. You can get more quality sleep and so will those around you.

Pros and Cons of Sleep Connection Wristband 

Pros: (Sleep Connection Wristband Review)

  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Smart power off
  • No side effects
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Happier roommates and friends

Cons: (Sleep Connection Wristband Review)

  • Available only online
  • There is limited stock

Where to buy the Sleep Connection Wristband

The Sleep Connection Wristband can only be purchased online directly from the manufacturers’ official website. You can get to the order page by clicking on any of the purchase links on this Sleep Connection Wristband review. On the order page, you fill out your contact details for the shipping. You choose the number of products you want to be delivered to your location. Then, you choose your payment method.

Payment methods include PayPal, Debit cards (MasterCard and Visa card), American Express, Diners Club. The site is very secure so you don’t have to worry about payment details falling into the wrong hands.

There are discounts on the prices of the device

1 x device @ $59

2 x devices @ $89

Buy 2, Get 1 Free @ $109

Buy 3, Get 2 free @ $149

Get 4x @ $129

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What the customers say about the Sleep Connection Wristband

The Sleep Connection Wristband is a product that ships to all countries without limitations. We have our customers distributed around the globe. We will share with you some of the testimonies of our customers. We have mainly good reviews because we have a product whose quality speaks for itself. Let’s go over some of the reviews we have gotten.

“At first, I couldn’t exactly understand why I snore while sleeping. My roommate usually complained of my snoring, even waking me on occasions from sleep just so I would stop snoring. It wasn’t a pleasant experience especially for him. The more I researched, the more I realized I had to get help. The Sleep Connection Wristband helps me and more importantly, my roommate sleep at peace at night.” – Justin, Canada.

“Snoring could be a really embarrassing experience, especially when you find yourself in the midst of strangers. It was had for me sleeping outside, going for camps, all that stuff, I totally avoided. There is some stigma that comes when people realize you snore, you know. Now with the aid of the Sleep Connection Wristband, I can freely attend and sleep outside without being a burden with the people I’m hanging out with. I so much love the design of the device, looking like a wristband, it does not look off when you put it on” – Jean , Belgium.

“I don’t snore but I got it for my mom, the snoring was getting had to cope with. Since she started using it, I have had better night sleep and so has she. Let’s say everyone is happy, a win-win situation” – Camila, Peurto Rico.

FAQs [Sleep Connection Wristband Review]

Is Sleep Connection Wristband safe to use?

The Sleep Connection Wristband is 100% safe to use. It does not emit any rays, also it is drug-free hence, users don’t have to concern themselves with thoughts of any side effects

Is the Sleep Connection Wristband worth it?

It is totally worth it! A peaceful sleep, happier neighbors, more productive days, are among what you can achieve by using the Sleep Connection Wristband. For a couple of bucks with the available discount, I say it is totally worth it

Verdict: Sleep Connection Wristband Review

The Sleep Connection Wristband review aimed to make you well informed about snoring and this product out there in the market that is capable of solving the issue of snoring. I’m nothing short of confident that we have done just that and that you have all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. So let’s go over the Sleep Connection Wristband one last time.

This device is an antisnore wristband that works via a biomechanical feedback mechanism that detects when you snore, calculates the frequency and delivers just the right amount of electrical impulse, not to wake you but to stimulate you just enough to cause repositioning without interrupting sleep.

The device is very easy to use requiring little to no action on your part. It is 100% safe and drug-free. It has no side effects and helps improve the quality of sleep, give a happier relationship, happier roommates, and increase cuddle time. Also, there is the affordability factor with the offer of a 50% discount in price with free shipping.

If you want an effective yet affordable means to tackle your snoring problem, I don’t see why you won’t choose the Sleep Connection Wristband.

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Techbullion and author is not responsible this product so everyone must check all details before place an order Thank you


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