Slavi Wins Polygon Grant

The Slavi project is announcing that it has successfully qualified in the Polygon network competition and received a grant for ongoing development based on its eligibility and criteria for project selection.

Polygon had recently announced an online Hackathon with a cumulative prize pool of $100,000 for projects from various sectors of the blockchain industry. Projects seeking to qualify had to produce a quality product and prove its viability. The Hackathon was supported by Dorahacks, one of the leading Hackathon organizers.

The Hackathon aimed to encourage early-stage ideas across the world to kick-start their projects with the support from the best in the industry players like Chainlink labs, HashKey Capital, Furucombo, Protocol Labs, Covalent, ParaSwap, Chainstack, Balancer Labs, Unmarshal, Pocket Network, Stardust, Deri Protocol, QiDao, Biconomy, TOPS LABS LTD, who also sponsored the Hackathon.

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

The Slavi project presented its application for luxury services that offer users a number of important advantages. The Slavi app is the first Dapp with over 30 integrated blockchains, featuring a cross-chain cold wallet and a comprehensive crypto asset management interface with one-click access to luxury services and NFT platforms. The built-in DEX and various passive income generation instruments connect the Slavi app to a new generation of DeFi products, making it a high-profit platform for farming and Staking on various blockchain protocols. The application is set for launch on Google Play in early November.

The Slavi project is also currently holding its presale and is launching the staking function. Users can buy the SLV token at the given LINK and take advantage of the limited offer of 500% APY on SLV staking, which will be made available from October 26th to November 9th. 

Overview of the Slavi Project

Slavi is a decentralized multi-chain finance infrastructure designed as a luxury supperDApp. The cryptocurrency market needs interoperability and consolidation, and Slavi is aiming to be the solution to these needs. While most crypto projects today focus on individual elements of decentralized trading, Slavi is working to create a single interface that connects major services and blockchain in an all-in-one application.

Slavi is an open-source blockchain-powered project that creates simple and unique applications with an all-inclusive user interface. It is designed to enable anyone and everyone to access the world of decentralized applications with a single click. By leveraging the power of blockchain, the Slavi team created a product that enables users to connect to the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem using the SupperDApp mobile application.

The Slavi project was created for both low-entry-threshold-oriented users and affluent audiences. Slavi includes a dedicated section that can only be accessed via a single click with access to luxury services like bookings, crypto payments, and buying of goods and services using the Slavicoin cryptocurrency (SLV). With its interoperability, integration, inclusiveness, and convenience, the Slavi project is arguably the first wholesome decentralized application for users to enjoy the products and services of the crypto industry hassle-free. For more details and information about the Slavi Project, you can read the Slavi whitepaper.

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