How Skyllz Distributed Platform is Empowering Human Skills through Blockchain Technology

For a while now the job market has started taking a different turn, and most skills that might have counted as much in time past don’t seem to be worth much anymore. This is basically due to the fact that technology has advanced in many ways than one in the era we are, and most traditional educations are not just cutting it anymore where other cheaper forums and platforms like YouTube are made available.

However, these platforms might not be enough to match the pace at which technology is advancing and how demanding the job market is becoming. This is the whole idea behind the formation of the Skyllz Distributed Platform.

What is the Skyllz Distributed Platform?

With the aim of standardizing and unifying the validation of different kinds of skill whether professional or not, the Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is a skill validation protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, which is distributed and open-sourced, and enables users empower and validate skills allocation, boosting, contextualization, and acquisition seamlessly and freely both within and across various Skill Touchpoints Applications (STapps). Some of these STapps include offline educational platforms, portfolio platforms, networking platforms, e-learning platforms, and all other platforms that want to add value to the network and also benefit from it.

On the platform, users can acquire, improve, and apply different skills on any of the Skill Touchpoint applications that operate on the network. Users use a Skyllz reputation known as Proof-of-skill to validate their skills across these STapps, and the Skyllz token SKT, in financing their self-development.

The SKT Token

As an ERC-20 compliant token, the SKT token enables users on the Skyllz Distributed Platform to gain access and make transactions. They represent a unit of account that allows users earn skills, put these skills into practise, certify and validate whatever skills may be of value to them both on the Skyllz Distributed Platform and across other STapps built into it.

In general, the SKT is a decentralized utility token that like other cryptocoins has a fixed supply, and can be incorporated into STapps as the layer of value when it comes to transactions. These tokens are also used in rewarding “Raters” who use ratings to decide whether or not a user is assigned a certain amount of Proof-of-Skill for a particular skill, or confirm if the smart contract’s conditions have been met when an amount of SKT is being transferred to and from users.


The world is evolving incredibly fast, and this has led to the demand for more innovative and specialised skill sets from the labor market. This demand has made it harder than before for personal and professional profiles to adapt to the requirements of the job market, but with the Skyllz Distributed Platform things have been made easy.

Operating on the Ethereum Blockchain and using the SKT token, users on the platform are able to acquire, put into practise, validate and certify skills on the network and across other Skill Touchpoints Applications that are built into the platform. The Skyllz Distributed Platform is definitely taking the art of skill acquisition to the next level.


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