Skyline Robotics To Deploy The Ozmo Window-Cleaning Robot In New York 

Ozmo Window-Cleaning Robot In New York 

Deep tech robotics and automation company, Skyline Robotics, completes its $6.5M pre-Series A funding round ahead of the planned deployment of the first Ozmo Window-Cleaning Robot in New York City

Skyline Robotics, developers of Ozmo, the world’s first high-rise window-cleaning robot, has achieved another landmark feat following the successful completion of a $6.5M pre-Series A funding round. In a related development, the company recently announced plans for the first customer deployment of Ozmo, its flagship product and the world’s first high-rise window cleaning robot.

Ozmo has arrived to play a vital role in the future of window cleaning,” said Michael Brown, CEO & chairman, Skyline Robotics. “This successful funding round and first Ozmo deployment shows that the demand for our product and services are not just tangible and felt by investors, but that there’s a major business opportunity ahead of Skyline. The conviction of our team is being matched by the investment community.”

The funding round was led by Skyline Standard Holdings, with contributions from Karcher New Venture GmbH, Gefen Capital and a host of others. The funding will be used to finance different aspects of business operations, including expansion of the New York City team, as well as continued product development and new capabilities to own the facade operations of the future. It also brings the total funds raised by Skyline Robotics to $9M, as the company continues to challenge the status quo in the multi-billion-dollar window cleaning industry.

Kärcher is pleased to continue to support Skyline Robotics on its mission to create a more efficient and safer work environment for window cleaning on a global scale,” said Patrick Nennewitz, of Kärcher New Ventures GmbH. “Skyline’s ability to transform an industry with robots while still creating jobs is a model that other robotics companies should replicate. With buildings getting taller and the workforce shrinking, Skyline’s arrival is as timely as it is necessary.

In addition to the funding and first deployment of Ozmo, Skyline Robotics has announced a change at the helm of affairs, with Ross Blum promoted to president of the company. He will continue to serve in a dual role as Skyline’s chief operating officer. 

Being part of a company that continues to challenge antiquated operational strategies motivates us, drives us, and enhances our focus of the value we can provide to an entire industry,” said Ross Blum, president & COO, Skyline Robotics. “The window-cleaning industry has remained unchanged as buildings have gotten taller and the risks to human lives have increased significantly. We’re offering a breakthrough solution that will save lives, improve efficiency and create 21st century jobs.

Ozmo can be rightly described as a game-changer in window cleaning, with the smart robot combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision with advanced robotics and sensors to offer a smarter, faster, safer, all-inclusive, and more economical alternative to human window washers. The product is particularly unique as it does not replace human window washers but rather creates a working partnership between humans and robots, as humans control Ozmo from a safe distance, out of harm’s way.

For further information about Ozmo and other solutions from Skyline Robotics, visit – Skyline Robotics can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn

About Skyline Robotics

Skyline Robotics is a deep tech robotics and automation company that specializes in creating groundbreaking tech-driven solutions to ease the affairs of humans. The company’s belief that there are more people than robots is evident in its flagship product, Ozmo, as it aims to automate all types of work at heights, starting with window cleaning.

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