Skyline Robotics Receives Investment From Durst Ventures As It Expands Automated Window Washing.

Skyline Robotics - Automated Window Washing.

Skyline Robotics is a deep tech robotics and automation company. Its flagship product, Ozmo, the world’s first high-rise window cleaning robot, is disrupting the $40B window cleaning industry as a safer, more efficient, and more effective alternative to humans. The company today announced a key investment from commercial and residential real estate giant, Durst Ventures, an affiliate of the Durst Organization, that owns some of New York’s most notable skyscrapers including One Bryant Park, One World Trade Center and 151 West 42nd Street.

The new Durst investment will further Skyline’s development and deployment of Ozmo, while The Durst Organization plans to utilize Ozmo to enhance the quality of service provided to its tenants and residents. 

High Rise Window Cleaning

New York city is famous for its skyline and now Ozmo will change the face of the city by protecting and cleaning the façade of iconic buildings in the city.   Traditionally, manual labour is used to clean windows with little or no prior skills required. We have all seen the window washers hanging on platforms moving up and down, sometimes at extreme heights, as they clean windows. This brings in a host of problems, such as safety issues, mental health of the cleaners, equipment reliability, weather conditions and others.

Apart from these, the cost of having the equipment (own or rental) and the high pay rate due to job hazard eats into the maintenance budget of the buildings.

Automated Cleaning with Skyline Robotics

With the rising costs of cleaning windows and safety concerns, real estate and cleaning service providers are in a need of updating the century old system.

Skyline Robotics brings the perfect answer with their automated cleaning systems. Instead of using human labour, their AI driven, dedicated robots offer a better and safer alternative. The machines are fast, efficient and durable that eliminate the need of manual labour to climb to such dizzying heights.

At the same time, costs of operations are further reduced by using the existing platform and equipment that manual cleaners use. Their robots are simply installed on the movable platform and it can operate there on.

Using its flagship robot Ozmo, Skyline Robotics enhances the cleaning process and offers benefits such as:

  • Speed: Ozmo can operate at a speed that is three times as fast as a manual cleaner is.
  • Remote Operators: Supervisors and operators do not need to be up with the robot and can handle Ozmo from the ground level.
  • Efficient: Using an array of sensors that detect dirt on windows, the robots can use SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) to calculate the most efficient path for complete cleaning.
  • Tenant Satisfaction: Cleaner windows without putting people at risk leads to more satisfied tenants, which can lead to an overall better real estate value.

Backing by Durst

Durst Ventures have come into an agreement with Skyline Robotics, where it will be not only using the robotic services on the several buildings the Durst Organisation holds, but will also be investing in Skyline Robotics to further its cause.

Talking about the investment, The CEO of Skyline Robotics, Michael Brown said,

“As the real estate industry evolves, demand is growing for modern solutions that will not only maintain their assets, but will monitor and enhance the underlying asset value,” … “Skyline Robotics is at the forefront of this new direction, and the support from The Durst Organisation and the real estate community shows that the need and demand for our technology is necessary and vital.”

Jonathan Durst, the President of Durst Organisation, was visibly excited as he talked about how his firm provides the best services to its tenants, with good and clean windows being integral to it. According to the president, the partnership with Skyline Robotics is a natural progression as the world shifts towards innovation in the real estate business,

“New York City is world-renowned for its skyscrapers and it is imperative that the facades of its iconic skyline be maintained,” … “Skyline Robotics is forging an innovative path forward for facade maintenance, leveraging cutting-edge technology that will transform how we maintain and determine the health of our buildings.”

About Skyline Robotics

Forging a team of innovative developers that share a common vision where robots and humans work in tandem towards an efficient and safe work environment. With the team members coming from a variety of backgrounds, including robotics, software engineers, developers and mechatronics, Skyline Robotics takes the technology stagnant window cleaning industry into the 21st century.

Existing partners include some of the biggest names in the business, including Gefen Capital and even the hardware and cleaning equipment manufacturer Karcher.

Skyscrapers and real estate businesses can take advantage of the innovative window-cleaning firm by getting in touch with Skyline Robotics on the website: 

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