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Skilled Labor Staffing Company Tradesmen International® Celebrates 30 Years with New Brand Look and Market Expansion

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tradesmen International®, an industry leader in skilled trades staffing and labor-cost containment solutions, announced today the launch of a new brand look featuring a rejuvenated corporate logo and individualized market sector logos. In its 30th anniversary year, the fresh look is an affirmation of the company’s longevity, renewed commitment to their clients, craftworker and office employees, and a celebration of the company’s cultural focus on achieving unprecedented levels of craftworker safety, productivity, and craftsmanship.

The modernized corporate logo is now in red, white, and blue in homage to the company’s long history of putting America’s skilled workers to work. Specialized vertical market logos were created for each of the company’s specialized service groups: Construction Staffing Solutions (representing commercial, residential, and heavy industrial construction), Industrial and Manufacturing Staffing Solutions, Marine Staffing Solutions, Renewable Energy Staffing Solutions, and Institutional Staffing Solutions.

Leveraging an employee database of more than 1.2 million skilled craft professionals screened and vetted by more than 250 full-time recruiters nationally, the company is well-positioned to answer the nationwide skilled labor shortage caused by the retirement of baby boomers, fewer people entering the trades, as well as the pandemic-driven “great resignation.”

While the new logos formalize Tradesmen lnternational’s commitment to construction, manufacturing, marine/shipbuilding, institutional/facility management, and renewable energy vertical market segments, the company has provided skilled labor for industries beyond construction for years. For example, Tradesmen International has provided skilled labor for many commercial and Naval shipyards nationwide, universities and hospitals that need additional maintenance crews, wind and solar farms, and industrial settings to manufacture products and components.

“We’ve taken a proven staffing model that helps construction contractors keep their workforce level balanced with their fluctuating workload throughout their project lifecycles and applied it to other business types. These businesses are -in this labor-challenged environment -already yielding marked production and profit margin gains,” said Marty Wick, CEO of Tradesmen International. “Our more than 350 sales professionals have provided customized craftworker staffing solutions for many industrial, shipbuilding, institutional, and renewable clients for years. The difference is that we’ve fortified our service and recruiting teams with experts whose full attention is dedicated to each sector. The upshot for our clients is amplified order fill percentages and increased workforce productivity; for our skilled employees, it means even more consistent work.”

Wick continued, “We’re proud to hold a leadership role in skilled labor staffing as both an employer and a professional labor-oriented services consultant and provider throughout North America. Combined with our massive database of proven, safety-minded skilled craftworkers, we can help companies solve their labor shortage challenges, and mitigate recruitment and payroll expenditures, Workers’ Compensation costs and risk, and even unemployment and benefits expenditures which are constantly rising.”

By providing clients the correct number of trades at the right skill levels, precisely when and where they’re needed, Tradesmen lnternational’s nearly 200 local market service teams have deployed tens of thousands of trade employees who have averaged well over 10-million-man hours annually for each of the last three years.

Tradesmen International has been recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts over the past several years in their “Top 100 Staffing Companies in North America.”

Founded in 1992, Tradesmen International shifted the construction staffing paradigm with a unique approach: using a contingent construction labor force of superior quality to supplement a contractor’s core workforce and better match varying workload levels to workers. This model has been proven over the last three decades to improve productivity and contain costs for construction and industrial partners nationwide.

ABOUT TRADESMEN INTERNATIONAL® Tradesmen International, an Ohio-based company, has provided contract skilled labor to construction and industrial partners since 1992. Partners benefit from Tradesmen’s recruiting expertise and magnitude, having at their disposal pre screened craft professionals in all trades at all skill levels. The continued and severe shortage of verifiably skilled craftworkers across North America has made this a daunting task for construction, shipyard, renewable energy and manufacturing business management. In addition, Tradesmen’s business model centers on enabling partners to balance workload and workers, which traditionally helps businesses achieve exceptional profit margin gains via sustaining optimized workforce productivity. From a skilled craft person’s perspective, the company’s relationships and recruiting engine enable Tradesmen to provide craft employees with improved job stability. This is possible as, prior to the current project ending, the employee is already being marketed for their next assignment via a local team of sales professionals. Tradesmen has nearly 200 market service teams across North America. To learn more, please visit

Contacts Ed Rojeck, Director of Marketing


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Source: Tradesmen International

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