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Largest Commission Platform forCreators

Japan is a country with a rich history of art and creativity. Japanese artists have long been celebrated for their skill and originality, from traditional arts like calligraphy and ceramics to more modern forms of expression like anime and manga.

However, in recent years, the Japanese creative market has come under increasing pressure from large media conglomerates. These companies control the majority of the country’s mainstream media outlets, and they often favor more commercially successful artists over those who are more experimental or niche.

As a result, many Japanese creative professionals are struggling to find an audience for their work. In addition, Japan’s high cost of living makes it difficult for artists to support themselves financially, forcing many to either leave the country or give up on their dreams altogether. Despite these challenges, however, several Japanese artists still manage to find success both at home and abroad. With talent and determination, even the most niche artist can find a place in the ever-changing Japanese creative landscape.

Skeb: A creator-oriented solution

One platform that is helping thousands of artists find success is Skeb. Skeb is the largest Japanese commission platform, with over 113,000 native creators. The marketplace empowers creators in the Japanese content industry by connecting a global base of Japanese art and content enthusiasts with native talent.

Japan’s content market is valued at a whopping 2.5 trillion JPY, approximately $17.3 billion, and it is only expected to grow in the coming years. With such a large and growing market, there is a great need for platforms like Skeb that can connect creators with potential customers.

Skeb uses a tokenization system that gives back control to creators through the platform’s Skeb Coin. With approximately 2.3 million users on the Skeb platform, Skeb recorded about 10- 20% month-on-month growth, which has propelled the platform to a 1000x adoption rate and continues to grow. Skeb coin was recently added to OKX’s listings beginning on 8th September 8:00 am UTC. 

How Skeb Works

At its core, Skeb is designed to enable a smooth transaction between creators and art enthusiasts. Skeb provides an environment for the mutual exchange of value where creators retain copyright to their work. Art enthusiasts can find the pieces they’re looking for without worrying about censorship or creative restrictions.

The platform takes a commission from each transaction, but this fee is much lower than what is typically charged by traditional galleries or other intermediaries. In addition, Skeb allows creators to set their prices, giving them complete control over their work and earnings. Plus, since creators can communicate directly with their fans, they can build a strong rapport and following that will support their work for years to come.

Skeb is currently focusing on creative multi-purpose content, such as profile images for users on social media, but plans to continuing building and expand into the burgeoning virtual and augmented reality market. As a move toward Web3.0 and the metaverse pick-up speed, Skeb is positioned to become a key player in developing new ways for creators to share and monetize their work. Art enthusiasts will also have new tools to consume and interact with content, making the Skeb platform a win-win for everyone involved.

A bright future for Japanese creators

As the Japanese creative market continues to evolve, platforms like Skeb will become increasingly important. Skeb is already having a significant impact on the industry, and it will only continue to grow in popularity. With mobile penetration, more people are consuming content on their phones than ever before, and Skeb is ready to meet this demand. Skeb is currently working on a mobile app that will sync to web3 wallets and connect its millions of users to the crypto market through the Skeb mobile app.

Then there is the upcoming Skebverse which is set to combine VR and AR assets to become a first-of-its-kind metaverse for creators and art enthusiasts. With the Skebverse, creators will be able to upload their work into a virtual space where anyone with a VR headset can experience it. The potential for this technology is virtually limitless, and Skeb is leading the charge in bringing it to the Japanese creative market.

Skeb Coin

Skeb Coin sits at the center of the Skeb ecosystem and is used to power all transactions on the platform. Skeb Coin is an ERC20 token that is created to help fund the development of the Skeb platform and its various applications.

The coin is designed for instant, low-cost, and high-frequency transactions and can be used by users to sell their work or by artists to pay for goods and services.

Skeb Coin also comes with a burning mechanism to increase the coin’s value over time. For each transaction, a small fee goes to the treasury account and is used for buyback-and-burn. This deflationary measure is designed to manage the amount of Skeb coins in circulation and increase the value of the remaining coins, making them more valuable to holders over time. Though the mechanism is straightforward, the actual Web2 mega platform embracing this simple buyback-and-burn mechanism to the ecosystem offers great significance. Theoretically, the supply of Skeb Coin will continuously decrease as the transaction volume of Skeb increases. 


As the move towards Web3.0 continues, Skeb is positioned to become a key player in the development of new ways for creators to share and monetize their work. In addition, art enthusiasts will also have new tools to consume and interact with content, making the Skeb platform the go-to destination for Japanese creatives.

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