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Six Popular Social Media Apps For Teenagers In 2022

Social media apps

As a result of the digital evolution, socializing has become easier than ever, and it has especially become popular among teenagers. According to research, on all social media platforms, there are around 50 to 60% of teenagers. This reveals that most social media users are, in fact, teens. Also, all social media platforms are available in the form of apps due to technological advancements. It allows teens to access social media on their smartphones, ensuring a great level of convenience and usability.

For most teenagers, social media apps are the best form of entertainment. It allows them to share entertaining content with their friends. Also, it enables students to share academic content with each other and communicate quickly and more efficiently. Social media apps are expected to gain more popularity among youngsters in the near future. Without further ado, let’s talk about some popular social media apps for teenagers in 2022.


Discord is a social messaging platform that allows users to communicate via video calls, voice calls, text messaging, and sharing media files. This instant messaging app has become popular among teenagers in recent times. It works on the approachable chat UI principle, which is similar to the big platforms like Skype and Slack. Also, you can use the Discord unblocked extension if you fail to access it on your network. It will ensure smooth communication without any interruption.

With around 250 million users, Discord has become one of the most famous apps among teenagers. It is expected that the number of Discord users will increase in the near future due to its feature-rich functionality. One of the main reasons why this app is famous among youngsters is because it allows users to talk with others while playing games. So, it enables gamers and other like-minded individuals to get in touch and socialize.


This app is new in the social media landscape as it was launched in 2021. But in such a short period, it has gained around 20,000 users. Teenagers mostly share comic memes or ask questions to others related to academics or anything else through this app. In short, this app can help you build deeper and more meaningful connections, which can be useful for you in the long run.

According to a statistical study, more than 50% of the users of weBelong are teenagers. It shows the app’s popularity among teens because weBelong is perceived as less toxic than other apps. It does not show the number of likes and number of friends, which makes it a perfect platform for youngsters.


Another app that is popular among teens is Instagram. The main reason for its popularity is the functionality of editing videos and images that allows users to modify them in different formats such as posts, reels, and stories. Also, with the private message feature, you can approach anyone for personal or professional purposes. Instagram also allows users to share stories through private messages, making communication with friends more fun.


It is impossible to complete a list of top social media apps without mentioning the name of Facebook. With 2.89 billion active users, it is one of the top social media apps across the world. One of the reasons for the popularity of Facebook among teens is the numerous features. It allows users to share photos, videos, and any type of written content in the form of posts and stories. You can stay in touch 24/7 with your friends and family members by accessing the Facebook app. Also, you can live stream by using Facebook live and conduct live sessions to communicate with people on your friend list.


You should know that Facebook is incomplete without the Messenger app. With 1.3 billion active users, it allows teens to stay connected and communicate with each other on smartphones. You should know that Facebook Messenger is the app that allows Facebook users to send private messages to one another, so you should not confuse it with other chatting apps.

The reason why teens prefer Facebook Messenger is because it provides a great level of convenience. You can simply log in to your messenger account and chat with your friends. It is necessary to install the Messenger App since Facebook itself does not provide these features.

According to statistics, around 58.6% of people are using the Facebook Messenger app worldwide. It shows the significance of the app as you can also share images, voice notes, and links with your friends through Facebook Messenger. Most importantly, the app offers video and voice call options so you can get in touch with your friends anytime.


TikTok is one of those social media apps that has gained the attention of teenagers in almost every part of the world. With billions of users, this social media app is one of the best entertainment platforms for teens. In a short time, this app has become the top priority for teens. It allows teens and people from other age groups to create content in the form of videos. Many brands worldwide have even started approaching ‘TikTokers’ or people who make engaging TikTok content for marketing purposes. Whether you want to act or mimic your favorite movie dialogue or want to share useful information with others, you can do it all with this app.

According to a study, TikTok has become the number one app with the most downloads, with a shocking figure of 250 million. It is possible that by the time you read this, the number will increase, which shows this app’s massive popularity.


Social media has become a favorite hobby for teenagers. It allows youngsters to enjoy some time by communicating with their friends and growing their social circle. From sending funny videos to exploring funny image filters, there are endless ways for teens to have fun on social media apps. But at the same time, youngsters need to limit the use of social media apps for fun and use them for better purposes, such as exchanging knowledge or debating important issues.

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