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Six Essential Steps to Consider Before Moving Abroad 

Moving Abroad 

Moving to another country and experiencing a new way of living is an incredibly exciting chapter of life. During this time, you’ll be able to explore other cultures, meet new people, and get to know yourself on a deeper level than ever before. 

However, it can also be a time of extreme stress, which is why there are quite a few factors you need to incorporate in your plan of action. To help you in your endeavours, we have created a comprehensive list of six essential steps you need to consider prior to your move. Keep reading to find out what they are… 

Create a Budget and Stick to It 

The process of moving homes can be rather expensive so don’t hesitate to create a budget and make sure you stick to it. Do your research and find out what costs the entire move will incur. 

Make sure to factor in things such as visa costs, flights, moving company fees, and a rainy day fund in case of emergencies. Make sure to save as much as possible in the months leading up to your move. 

Find Your Accommodation Before You Arrive 

Finding a place to call home should be at the top of your to-do list. Ideally, you want to get this sorted before you arrive, as this will help keep stress levels low. However, you may want to book a temporary accommodation before you finally find the place that you’d like to sign a lease for. 

You can reach out to a local realtor or take a look online. There’s plenty of Facebook groups that can help expats find housing. If you’re going to arrange your accommodation beforehand through someone you met online, make sure you’re not being scammed out of your money. 

Get Your Health Insurance in Order 

Health is wealth and, if you want to enjoy your time abroad, you’ll need to find a reputable provider. Make sure to sort out your health insurance for living abroad before you make the move as you never know when you might need it. 

If you’re moving over for work, you could ask your employer whether they offer any discounts or benefits in relation to health insurance. Similarly, you can look online and ask other expats what route they have opted for. 

Take Some Basic Language Lessons 

If you want to settle in as fast as possible, learning the native language will help you feel more at ease. Even if English is widely spoken in the country, showing the locals that you are making an effort will help you massively. 

You don’t need to be fluent before you make the move. Simply download an app like Duolingo and get some of the basics under your belt. Once you arrive, you can take part in language lessons or even find a partner to practice language exchange with.  

Making New Friends is Easier Than It Looks 

One of the largest worries of expats moving to a new country is the fear of being alone. Sure, you may take a while to settle in. However, making friends is easier than it looks. There are hundreds of other people in your situation, all of which are eager to meet new people. 

Rather than being afraid to branch out, try to get out there and push yourself out of your comfort zone. We recommend you take a class in a hobby you’re passionate about, join a local organisation, or even speak to other expats in your area that you meet online.  

Don’t Forget Your Relationships Back Home 

Last but not least, it’s very easy to get carried away when you’re in another country enjoying this new adventure. However, it’s incredibly important that you don’t forget your relationships back home. Your friends and family from home will want to know what you’re up to and make sure you’re alright. 

In our day and age, there’s no excuse when it comes to lack of communication. You don’t need to chat on the phone every day, but a sporadic phone call or message will go a long way. 

Aside from death and divorce, moving homes is considered one of the most stressful events in an individual’s life. Add a completely different country (or even continent) into the mix and the entire ordeal becomes much more stressful. That’s why we recommend that you spend plenty of time planning and preparing all your affairs before the big day. 

If you find yourself struggling to settle down once you make the move, it’s vital that you give yourself plenty of time to adjust. The first couple of months can seem like a honeymoon period or serious case of the blues. You won’t know what you truly feel like in this space until a few months have passed. 

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