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Six Critical Factors We Cannot Ignore While Applying For A Gold Loan

Six Critical Factors We Cannot Ignore While Applying For A Gold Loan

A gold loan is a secured amount that needs you to pledge for bars, coins, and gold ornaments. It has the biggest advantage of being a multi-purpose loan with no constraints from the end-user. Now, you have to know what is gold loan, and further, you must also consider the right financial institutions to apply for it. It is one of the safe ways to meet your financial needs and get instant cash from reliable loan leaders like Rupeek. Covid-19 developed an atmosphere of financial insecurity and despair. It led people to exhaust their funds to meet immediate requirements. Indian homes are known for preserving gold. So, it is a trusted means to combat the financial crisis.

We should be careful enough not to make mistakes when applying for a gold loan. As banks and NBFCs grant a gold loan, it makes lives easier for us. We understand that a gold loan is readily available these days. It likewise gets profoundly marketed.

Before moving ahead, we must know How to calculate gold loan interest. To get a fast easy calculation on gold loan interest visit Here you can also know the lowest rate of interest that you can avail, also the EMI available at different loan amounts.

Factors to consider when applying for a gold loan:

If you want to make the most of the opportunities provided by a gold loan, keep eye on the details. Keep reading to learn more about the factors to consider when applying for a gold loan at Rupeek

1) The credibility of the leaser 

Use your jewelry to get a loan against your gold assets. Jewelry, coins, and other assets act as collateral for a gold loan. Go for a credible lender that takes care of your valuable items until you complete the payment. Be wary of fraudulent leaders that may deprive you of your cherished belongings.

It is essential to research the reputation and credibility of the creditor when applying for a gold loan. Customer reviews help you know whether a lender is legit or not. Look for the longevity and history of the lender, ensuring that it’s a credible one.

2) Repayment methods

Leaders often give a variety of repayment options. Rupeek may ask you to check all the repayment options available when applying for a gold loan. Some leaders allow you to first pay for the interest rate. It accepts the principal amount at the end of the term. Other financial firms may ask you to pay the interest rate quarterly, annually, or bi-annually. You need to pay for the principal amount on the gold loan at the term’s conclusion.

3) Loan amount

The loan amount is another criterion to evaluate when applying for a gold loan. Note that the loan amount on the gold loan gets calculated on your repayment capacity and gold’s worth. The processing fees may vary from lender to lender which maybe 2-4% of the loan amount.

4) A gold loan tenure

The repayment tenure of a gold loan varies from twelve to twenty-four months. Before one applies for a gold loan, the borrower should note his financial obligations. It is worth noting that failure to repay the loan amount harms your credit score. You may lose the ability to accept further credit in the future.

Get everything at your doorstep based on the different time frames, and easily calculate the EMI and other kinds of amounts. Go to the section on how to calculate gold loan interest.

5) Repayment Structure

Repayment structure is a crucial factor while applying for a gold loan. You should always go through a full-fledged repayment structure with their creditors. Examining the repayment structure before applying for a gold loan will help to plan finances in advance and will reduce the chances of any default. You can come across 4 types of  repayment:

  • Regular EMI – This type of repayment structure is best for salaried people who have regular cash inflow. Loan repayment is made in small EMIs that also include the principal amount as well.
  • Partial repayment – This kind of repayment structure is best for a freelancer as in this structure payment can be made as per convenience. There is not any strict repayment schedule, the customer is not restricted for payment.
  • Only Interest EMI – In this structure, the creditor needs to repay the amount fully along with interest before maturity or on maturity.
  • Bullet repayment – The creditor does not need to pay the amount during the loan tenure. The interest amount will be calculated on the monthly basis but collected in the end.

6) Gold Standard

There are many standards of gold, one must be aware of the quality of gold they have. Along with that you must know and understand the terms and conditions of the gold loan they are applying for.

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