Sinofy Group and yourPRstrategist Team Up to Bring Tech Startups China, Singapore markets and more

Tech Startups

Singapore and Shanghai, China  In this current day and age, international market access is more and more a necessity for tech firms. Sinofy Group and yourPRstrategist are partnering up to provide this access, helping tech firms big and small build their branding across Asia, in particular China and Singapore,  plus the rest of the world.

The goal is to connect tech brands to a wide array of regions, allowing them to localize and develop specific approaches that optimize communicating their tech stories.

According to Amirsan Roberto, Sinofy’s co-founder and angel investor, “Cecilia Wong’s expertise and experience in tech, particularly in Blockchain, is one of the well-admired qualities that will bring upside potential to Sinofy clientele and partners.” 

“China is undeniably a leading global force in the new digital economy — producing innovative digital business models, a third of the world’s unicorns no less, while forming a massive marketplace of tech adopters,” comments yourPRstrategist founder, Cecilia Wong. “Sinofy’s vision of facilitating that bridge in marketing and branding into China speaks volumes of their foresight and yourPRstrategist is excited to be a part of this tech story.”

PR consultancy firm

YOURPRSTRATEGIST is a leading boutique PR consultancy firm based in Singapore that specializes in the blockchain and emerging technology industries. Their portfolio of clients includes a spread of projects like (sport and entertainment NFTs), MDEX.COM (decentralized exchange), ChainUP (blockchain technology service provider), RedFOX Labs (tech venture builder) Uniris (blockchain biometric ID solution), Mimo DeFi (Euro stablecoin), SaTT (blockchain smart advertising) and others.

Sinofy Group

Sinofy Group delivers end-to-end tailored PR solutions in China and has helped a number of startups such as CINDx, Play2Live, Antares, Streamity,, Ledu, with their China Marketing and PR strategy.

The collaboration is the culmination of many previously successful long and short-term projects that have joined these two entities in bringing more value to their clientele and communities.

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