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Single Feed Market Size Anticipated to Bolster At Strong Rate during Forecast Period 2022 to 2032

Single feed typically consists of unfinished or refined protein derived from bacteria, yeast, algae, or mould, and is used as human or animal feed. Consumers are particularly interested in microbial biomass as a source of food proteins as a protein substitute for agricultural purposes. In addition, a single feed contains a variety of supplements, such as vitamins and lipids. Algae, one of the single feed sources, relies on the utilization of carbon dioxide and light vitality to grow (autotrophic development). Algae, unlike other single-feed producing life forms, are developed using procedures that are similar to old agricultural techniques because they rely on sunlight radiation. Yeasts and some bacteria are particularly important for single-feed production, and humans have effectively consumed biomass in the form of fermented food since ancient times.

Dynamics of the Global Single Feed Market

When compared to other protein sources, single feed production has several advantages, including a noticeably shorter doubling time, a lower terrestrial land requirement, and the fact that it is not affected by adverse weather conditions. Single feed is a high-protein source for human food add-ons and animal feeds, resulting in a growing demand for it around the world. Furthermore, the use of methane as a carbon source for single feed is reaching commercial scales, and more protein-rich algae feed and food products are being produced. During the forecast period, all of these factors are expected to propel the global single feed market forward.

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