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Singapore Flower Delivery Services – Perfect 99 Roses Bouquets for Any Occasion

Often considered the ornamental part of botanical crops, flowers have also played an important role in people’s hearts and cultures, representing sentiments ranging from love and admiration to sympathy and honour. Comparing all the possible types of floral gifts, 99 rose bouquets present the gift of eternal love and devotion. 

If you want to provide a special someone with the opportunity to let his or her heart loose or simply to make an event special, a 99 roses bouquet will be the best solution. In this guide, I will describe what these flower arrangements mean, where one can order from among the reliable Singapore flower delivery services and how to choose and get the most out of your flower arrangement.

The Significance of Flowers and the Appeal of 99 Roses

In many societies, flowers are important in people’s lives since they represent beauty, life, and emotions. Of course, any bouquet of roses and any other flowers could be considered a significant statement; however, a bouquet of 99 roses is extraordinary. In my culture, 99 roses represent love that will never end, a love that will last for eternity. A large gesture is ideal for celebrations of love, such as anniversaries, proposals and weddings.

Angel Florist: The Best Flower Delivery Service in Singapore

Regarding flower delivery services in Singapore, Angel Florist tops the list for its quality and excellent customer service. It is prominent for bridal bouquets, fresh flowers, and other beautiful floral arrangements.

  • Angel Florist has cultivated the niche of offering delicious, eye-appealing flowers that customers feel impressed when they receive. Thanks to them, the service of 99 roses bouquets is one of the finest examples of how passion can be described as everlasting and strong.
  • If it is for a birthday or you just want to express your feelings, you can be assured each bouquet at Angel Florist arrives at its destination perfectly and with that special touch.
  • With various customization options and a convenient way to order online, sending a splendid 99-rose bouquet is now effortless. Let Angel Florist make your gift bouquet unique.

The Art of Selecting the Perfect 99 Roses Bouquet for Different Occasions

Deciding on the kind of 99 roses bouquet is based on the event and the individual’s personality to be given the flowers. Here are some tips:

  • Romantic Occasions: For any occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, or usual ones like first or second anniversary, go for red roses as they signify love.
  • Celebratory Events: For birthdays, graduation or promotion, combining such stunning colours as pink, yellow and white roses would be ideal.
  • Apologies and Sympathy: Lighter-like shades of lavender and whites are dignified and appropriate to convey your emotions.

Testimonials and Reviews from Satisfied Customers

It is impossible to argue with success as they say the following legend of satisfied customers. Here are some glowing reviews:

  • Emily C. – “I have been lucky enough to receive 99 roses bouquets from Angel Florist, and it was our memorable Anniversary.”
  • Sara L. – “Such a versatile idea to make roses stunning, eco-friendly and presented at the event. The guests were amazed.

Tips on How to Make the Most of Your 99 Roses Bouquet

To ensure your 99 roses bouquet remains fresh and vibrant, follow these tips:

  • Watering: Always ensure the vase has clean water, which should be changed every two days.
  • Trimming: Prune the stems at an angle about once a week from their tips to enhance water intake.
  • Placement: Keep the bouquet away from direct sunlight, in the shade, and from a draft.
  • Flower Food: Take and apply the flower food, which the florist is supposed to supply, to make the roses last longer.


A bouquet of 99 roses does not connote any floral creation, for this will speak of eternal love, admiration, and joyous celebration. Probably, you want to celebrate some romantic milestone, mark joyful occasions, or tender a heartfelt apology by your side; then, the grandeur and elegance that come with 99 roses speak volumes. 

Putting your trust in a professional flower delivery service like Angel Florist in Singapore will tell you that your floral gift will speak for itself. With careful selection and good care, your 99 roses bouquet will become a long-lived sample of your feelings.


How long can a 99-rose bouquet last?

A 99-rose bouquet could last 7 to 10 days. To attain this life from the flowers, note and follow all the watering, trimming, and placement tips provided.

Can I customize my 99 roses bouquet with different coloured roses?

Yes, most florists, including Angel Florist, offer customization. Different colours can match the occasion or the recipient’s taste. 

How far in advance should I order a 99 roses bouquet?

You should place an order for a significant occasion at least 2-3 days in advance. This gives the florist adequate time to assemble and send the creation so that your bouquet arrives perfectly.

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