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Simplifying Airdrop Costs: Efficient Multisender Solutions for Seamless Crypto Entry

Within the cryptocurrency realm, airdrops have become a popular practice, but they often come with a steep price in the form of substantial gas fees, sometimes reaching thousands of units. Moreover, token multisender apps tend to compound the expenses with their own service charges, making airdropping a costly affair. For emerging projects seeking to join the crypto space, these high service charges, coupled with the already expensive gas fees, present a formidable barrier to entry.

Analyzing Pricing Models and Their Impact

The crux of the issue lies in the flawed pricing models adopted by certain multisender DApps. Numerous platforms choose to charge a fixed fee per batch transfer, which can soar to hundreds of dollars. For instance, a widely used multisender application on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) imposes a flat 0.5 BNB fee per batch, regardless of the number of addresses being airdropped to. This means even a mere two addresses would incur the full 0.5 BNB charge.

Interestingly, users can inadvertently fall victim to these high costs due to unintentional misuse of multisender applications. Suppose a list of 102 addresses is uploaded, and the multisender distributes tokens in batches of 50 addresses each. In that case, the list will be divided into three batches, with the last batch containing only two addresses. If the user unknowingly approves the third transaction, they end up paying 0.5 BNB to send tokens to just two addresses, leading to questions about fairness.

Selecting the Right Multisender Platform

To optimize airdrop costs and enhance efficiency, it is wise to avoid multisender platforms that enforce fixed fees per batch transfer. Some of these platforms lack the optimization required to reduce the number of batch transfers necessary for completing airdrops, resulting in inflated expenses.

A recent test conducted on the Ethereum Kovan Testnet using a dummy token called “Honesty Token” and a list of 10,000 wallet addresses highlighted notable differences among four platforms: Multisender A, Multisender B, Multisender C, and Crypto Multisender. Crypto Multisender demonstrated remarkable efficiency by completing the airdrop with just 15 batches, while other platforms required significantly more.

Comparing Efficiency

Multisender A: Split the 10,000 addresses into 37 batches, averaging around 270 addresses per batch. Charging 0.09 ETH per batch, it would amount to 3.33 ETH in service fees. Reducing the task to 15 batches could lower the cost to 1.35 ETH.

Multisender B: Also divided the 10,000 addresses into 37 batches, charging 0.03 ETH per batch, resulting in 1.11 ETH in service fees. Using 15 batches, the cost could be reduced to 0.45 ETH.

Multisender C: Split the list into 50 batches, with each batch containing 200 addresses, charging 0.015 ETH per batch, leading to 0.75 ETH in service fees. 15 batches could bring down the cost to 0.225 ETH.

Introducing an Equitable Pricing Model

Crypto Multisender distinguishes itself with a fairer pricing model that avoids fixed fees per batch transfer. Instead, it employs a cost-effective approach by charging a small fee per wallet address. For instance, if a user provides a list of 102 addresses, which can be grouped into three batches of 50 addresses each, they would only pay for the 102 addresses (0.029 BNB) rather than the higher fixed fee of 1.5 BNB.

Furthermore, the fee per wallet address on Crypto Multisender is significantly lower than its competitors, allowing users to complete airdrops cost-effectively without requiring VIP memberships. Even if VIP benefits are needed, the platform offers notably more affordable lifetime memberships.

In Conclusion: Streamlining the Airdrop Experience

In conclusion, making informed decisions while selecting platforms like Crypto Multisender can pave the way for simpler airdrop costs, ensuring a more equitable and economical experience. By eschewing fixed fees and embracing solutions tailored to user needs, entering the crypto world becomes a seamless and accessible reality.

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