Simplify Online Appointment Scheduling With iMeetify

Running a service-based business, such as accounting, dental, or legal services, relies on numbers. The more clients you receive, the better. But a successful operation is more than just the numbers; it narrows down to customer experiences, efficiency, and technology.

Managing day-to-day tasks such as appointments and meetings requires a seamless process that supports productivity and visibility. That’s why businesses are investing in technology, and up to 97% of IT decision-makers believe automation is essential to digital transformation.

Enters iMeetify, an online meeting scheduling tool that automates your appointments, events, and meetings to support your business growth. Keep on reading to learn more!

Manage Everyday Tasks

Scheduling and managing appointments, meetings, and events for your business require a streamlined process that gives you control of your operations. Whether they’re in-person or virtual, you need a tool that offers all the features you need for seamless operations.

For example, a good tool should offer reminders to ensure customers or participants don’t miss upcoming appointments or meetings. iMeetify makes this simple with Google Calendar integration, which helps to streamline reminders and prevent double booking.

Additionally, iMeetify allows you to create multiple calendars to support different needs and even add custom branding to ensure professionalism and improve customer experience.

Improve Functionality with Integrations

Centralized operations support efficiency and drive productivity to ensure sustainable business growth. As such, if you have different tools for payment, CRM, or online meetings, you can integrate them with your appointment tool to simplify your operations and enhance your data efficiency.

iMeetify supports integrations with different tools, including Stripe, Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, Zoom, HubSpot CRM, Google Meet, and Join.Me. Such integrations allow you to continue using your favorite apps and platforms for added functionality and streamlined processes, including managing communications and contacts.

Accept Payments Conveniently

Accepting and processing payments from your customers doesn’t need to be challenging. Thanks to digital solutions, you can provide your customers with flexible and simple payment options. Plus, offering a convenient way for customers to pay for appointments improves their experience and ensures transparency.

With iMeetify, you can easily collect customer payments online for fast and secure processing. The tool allows you to integrate your account with Stripe, which supports payments via cards, wallets, bank debits, and more. It supports 135 plus currencies, and you can also accept payments from international customers.

Harness the Power of Automation

Today, technology has improved access to cutting-edge business tools, simplifying operations, offering real-time visibility into processes, and ensuring productivity. Traditionally, businesses relied on emails and phone calls to book meetings and appointments — this was time-consuming and untrack able.

Digital tools like iMeetify breathes new life into traditionally disparate, slow, and inefficient workflows. With a simple click of a button, you can set appointments, create meetings, and schedule events to give customers a seamless experience and drive business efficiency.

If you’re looking for a flexible and user-friendly appointment scheduling tool, sign up for free on iMeetify. You can get started for free and upgrade later if you need more features.

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