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Simpleshow Continues to Use AI for Video Content Creation

In today’s age of technology and digital marketing, artificial intelligence is fast becoming one of the most sought-after and effective techniques to research market trends and analyze data.

Not only is artificial intelligence being used to research trends and user behavior across several sectors, but it is also transforming the way video content is developed and targeted to various audiences.

Video content creation is following in the footsteps of websites and blogs, which are now easier to develop than ever before and do not require coding or designer expertise.

As you may well know, video content is in high demand, and it’s not only for seeing cute kittens or pets on social media.

Through the use of explainer videos, we are now seeing a wide range of sectors using video content to better educate, enlighten, and explain a subject in new and exciting ways.

With the difficulties and learning edge removed from the actual creation process, organizations can now create and use video content and data faster and more efficiently.

With simpleshow catering to viewers all over the world, its platform incorporates a variety of other languages into its videos.

Businesses and organizations from all over the world can access the simpleshow video maker in over 20 different languages, making it accessible to practically everyone.

simpleshow didn’t need to build numerous versions of their platform to do this; instead, they put their finest AI technology to work for them. Now, that is the power of AI!

Even better, AI is the driving force behind simpleshow’s video content creation solutions. Anyone can generate high-quality videos in a couple of minutes thanks to their user-friendly and time-saving platform (compared to what may have taken hours or days).

How difficult is it to make quality video content?

Making quality video content manually can be a time-consuming and laborious process. It also necessitates a significant amount of involvement from the marketing team, video agencies, and thought leaders.

The ever-changing digital marketing landscape is transitioning from a simple buyer mentality strategy to predicting the audience’s intelligence. This increases the need for individualized content, which is difficult for creators and marketers to deliver if they approach this manually.

And, with time being of the essence in the overcrowded social media space, the shift to video creator platforms for faster AI-powered content has become imperative.

The importance of AI is becoming critical for content development that is not just efficient but also financially sustainable.

simpleshow video maker to the rescue!

With its cutting-edge visuals and overlays, the simpleshow AI-powered video creator helps businesses create the most informative videos possible.

Everything you need to make your video production process easier, more thorough, exciting, and engaging is guaranteed to be accessible in its features.

With the simpleshow explainer video creator, you can put your best foot forward and communicate your idea to people in a straightforward manner. This tool has been shown to be quite successful in conveying the message to your audience. 

simpleshow’s new features and improvements! 

Clean style

The latest update to the simpleshow explainer video platform includes an intelligent illustration style that makes your video even more CI compliant.

As a result, in addition to the well-known “classic” style (black and white pictures), you can now create videos in a “clean” style. This new “clean style,” with more realistic proportions, offers your video a modern and clean appeal by giving your video colors and bringing it to life.

Even better, all illustrations will automatically glow in your own CI colors! After the “write” step, you can now select the style you prefer.

Users can now make videos with a modern look that fits their corporate colors with the touch of a button thanks to the addition of a new smart illustration style.

The style is very intelligent since it identifies the type of illustration and automatically balances up to four CI colors, even applying the color in the correct places. All of the heavy lifting is handled by artificial intelligence, making it easier than ever for simpleshow users.


simpleshow launched the background feature a few months ago, allowing you to add individual backgrounds to your videos. Whether you select a background specifically designed for your business design or a preset template, the added touch of personalization will make a big difference.

With this update, customization and personalization take center stage while maintaining the simplicity and ease-of-use that the video creator is known for. Users can upload a personalized backdrop to fit their CI, modify the background to match their brand colors, or select from backgrounds provided by simpleshow.

The new background function assists corporate clients in maintaining brand standards even when different users in diverse roles throughout the organization are present, while still emphasizing the approach of easy and effective individual content development.

With all these new features and improvements, how easy is it to make a video with simpleshow? 

simpleshow is well-known for making it simple to create explainer videos. The intelligent simpleshow video creator automatically converts text into an animated explainer video.

From text to video, the simpleshow video creator will walk you through a four-step process.


Choose one of several educational, private, or business subjects to explain to your audience. The template you choose will provide you with an appropriate narrative structure for your topic.


In this step, you need to start writing a relevant video script. If you already have an existing script, simply copy and paste your written content or upload your PowerPoint presentation and press the continue button.


The video maker’s “Explainer Engine,” or artificial intelligence, takes over and converts your text into an animated video, complete with sophisticated graphics, animation, and music. You can change the illustrations used by the Explainer Engine or add your own photos to personalize your presentation.


Put the finishing touches on your explainer video by selecting the color, sound, and voiceover. With a single click, your video will be ready to dazzle your coworkers or customers.

Businesses can use this AI-powered tool to explain products, processes, develop strategies or guidelines, educate their staff, or enhance their presentation.

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