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Simple Rigs: Staring from 12% ROI, Cloud Mining Company Brings Incredible Opportunity for Newbies

The flourishing cryptocurrency market is bringing novel opportunities for investors and traders regardless of skill and knowledge or not. Mining is vital to create cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, and Ethereum, but it is prohibitively expensive to set up mining equipment. However, websites such as Simple Rigs make mining easy and affordable for everyone by using remote data centers only through cloud mining.

Simple Rigs is Hong Kong-based mining IT limited, providing cloud-based cryptocurrency 

mining, “Essay way to start crypto mining your key to success.” Despite having many similar cloud mining companies, Simple Rigs has won everyone’s trust since its incorporation in 2017.

Key Features of Simple Rigs Include:

  • Offers an easy and efficient way to get started mining bitcoin.
  • It aims to make mining accessible to each person around the world.
  • ser-friendly and easy to use cloud mining platform
  • Doesn’t require powerful and expensive mining gear.
  • Bridges the gap between bitcoin mining and customers.
  • Monthly return on investment (ROI) starting from 12%.
  • Refundable deposit using an exciting offered option.
  • Option to increase the hash rate any time.
  • No hidden costs and fees 

Anyone can start blockchain-integration cloud mining on simple rigs with 1-2-3 steps of instructions:

  1. Fill basic information like email, full name and phone number for registration.
  2. Select a profitable truck as per your convenience where you can calculate the income daily, monthly and yearly.
  3. Finally, there is money to be seen in BTC, which gives a high return on investment (ROI) on a monthly basis.

Additionally, Simple Rigs offers you multiple packages to make a consistent passive daily income, according to your starting capital. The current income is accurate and guaranteed, making this cloud mining platform a state-of-the art product among other industry players. .

The largest mining firm in its sector has over hundred b2b contracts with investment companies, bolstering users’ trust in the platform. Post its inception, the company established an individual investor division in 2020 along with  a new data center in South Africa. Besides, Simple Rigs is running renewable energy to care for the environment.

The website of Simple Rigs was officially designed for users to access blockchain-integrated cloud mining services around the world in late 2022. Notably, Simple Rigs mining firm provides active mining services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, assuring people to easily earn money in the form of BTC at all times.

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Mining IT Limited (Simple Rigs) 

Location: Queen’s Rd E Wan Chai, Hong Kong,

CR No.:2576021

Live Chat with Simple Rigs:

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