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Simple Link Building Strategies to Use in 2023

Are you ready to build links for your website? You must know that businesses that integrate link building into their operations and content marketing strategy are expected to report a 45 percent higher success ratio than the ones that don’t. So make sure your website has a fair chance to rank higher in search engine ranking pages. 

Secure worthy clicks for your site and develop an effective link-building plan of action. Digital Newsgroup has adopted a strict, perfect link-building strategy to gather a sweet spot in the business domain. Follow their steps and stop manual link building. Focus mainly on organic link-building methods where no outreach is involved. This will help your business double its content production with similar quality content that generates future-proof links. 

There is a broad range of link-building strategies that are covered in this article. Read along to know more about them in detail. 

Broken Link Building

Broken link building, also known as BLB, is a particular strategy that supports protecting links on resource pages by looking for broken links presently listed and implying posts as alternatives. It’s a comparably easier way to get links than other means used. This is because once you create the content, the majority of the work is up to you.

You should create a guide covering topics related to your site to prove your worth and obtain links that offer alternatives to broken links. Creating a catalog of sources is useful for other content creators who want to enrich their posts with relevant stats. 

Social Media

A less cumbersome way to increase inbound links is to be flowing on social media and faithfully interacting with correspondents and bloggers in your cranny.

Creating and fabricating an online potentiality for your brand will surely increase your audience, increase your page views, and generate new links with time.

Here are a few tips for adopting social media for link building:  

  • Use hashtags strategically: hashtags play a very important role in social media. If you have used the same hashtag in your tweet that a reporter has searched, your chances of visibility improve. 
  • Requesting data: Journalists may also use Twitter to demand data, so look for hashtags like #journorequest and #prequest to find branded linking opportunities.
  • Actively participate in industry platforms: Commenting on other people’s blog posts is a distinct strategy you can develop to increase brand awareness. 

 Not only do these strategies demonstrate that you are an operating participant in the industry conversation, but they also help build rapport with new bloggers who may command you in the future. 

Notice Conpetitor’s Links 

A good approach to finding the right link-building blueprint for your form of content is to spy on your applicants by looking at their links, also noted as backlinks.

As a bonus, this lets you understand what types of content your audience likes and links to the most. This helps in making it SEO centric. There are several ways to do this. 

  • Watch your competitors’ leading pages to find out what form of content drives the most traffic and what keywords they target.
  • Watch your competitors’ links to see which pages are getting the majority of links and who’s getting the most.
  • Check out your competitors’ posts to see what types of content, including keywords, rank highest for inspiration. 

In this way, you not only get better responsiveness of the types of content you generate links for but also which businesses and websites you need to reach. You can then reach out and target the markets and websites most closely associated with your competitors. 

Increase Visibility

If you want to get more links through your website, you also need to build your personal brand and raise awareness. One way to do this is by financing time in off-page SEO. This consists of development strategies that are not directly done on the website, such as fixing local citations along with broken links. Some of these strategies are: 

  • Ensure third-party citations are accurate and consistent: Make sure your information, such as name, address, and phone number, is correct, created and maintained by Google.
  • My company entry: If your business has a natural address, build a list on Google and upgrade your information frequently.
  • Eligibility to be featured on famous user-generated content websites: Contact the site to apply for business and provide correct information.
  • Improve public awareness of your brand: Invest in digital public relations, social media marketing, advertising, influencer marketing and review management. 

Link Tracking

Aside from having an active backlink profile, tracking links help you explain who contributes to your backlink profile, i.e., who links to your website. This allows us to focus our public relations efforts and content creation on related industries.

There is also something called link relevance. This is even more critical than the authority of the person linking to you. This is because using relevant links tells Google that you are an authoritative source for your business. This helps you rank conditions that are essential to your business. 

Link Reclamation

Link reuse or link reclamation is the growth of reusing missing or unlinked fundamental mentions to your website. This strategy has been most successful with large brands that get a lot of press, but it works well for smaller websites as well.

There are two main methods for link reclamation that can be used, they are: 

  • Reusing lost links: If a site was previously linked to your site, but you later removed the link, you may contact us to restore that coverage.
  • Fixing unlinked organic mentions: If a website indicates your brand label but does not link to it, please email us and ask for convenient attribution to the relevant page. 


Link building is not easy, and it is freaking difficult. But, if you have followed accurate link building strategies, you are expected to excel at your business goals. The strategies act as the engine driving link to make your business grow in the future. Let’s get the techniques right. 

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