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Silica Flour Market | A House of Uncertainties/ Wax and Wane

Silica Flour Market

Silica, also addressed as ‘quartz’ or ‘silicon dioxide’, is a clan of minerals with SiO2 chemical formula. Frequently, it is found in construction sites. One of the fundamental components, it is composed of the earth’s crust and proliferates in categories of natural minerals. Silica flour is refined from silica sand that comes from silica reserves. Glass, tile, ceramic, pharmaceuticals, and clay manufacturing are major industries to use silica flour. One noteworthy application of silica flour is in the oil well cementing.

Applications in Variety of Industries Fuels Market Sales

Silica flour is an acoustic cleaner and dormant filler in industries. Quartz, also known as industrial sand, quartz sand, silica sand, and white sand, is a prominent market for silica flour. It contributes greatly to adverse climate because of its high density, hardness, and immense chemical resistance capacity. Silica flour is also available in metal polish, scouring powder, and toothpaste. In road surfacing components, wood filler, and paint, it serves as an extender. Hydrophilic surface, relatively low cost, ease in use, excellent bio-compatibility, and versatility of saline chemistry for surface functionalization enable its wider usage in the cosmetic industry.

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In 2020, Silica Holdings, a leading U.S.-based producer of industrial minerals, announced the acquisition of Sandbox Enterprise. The acquisition not only aims to make the logistics network of silica efficient for the company, but is also likely to strengthen their position in silica flour market.

A few challenged concern players in the silica flour market. One such factor is the demand for its substitutes. Firstly, research by the Journal ACS Publications suggested granite waste material as an alternative to silica flour in the oil well applications. Secondly, COVID-19 had curbed the demand for silica flour due to supply chain disruptions and shortage of labor. These are putting a larger impact on the increase of the silica flour market.

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