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Signs That You Should Switch To A Better Energy Supplier

Working with the right energy supplier can benefit your business in many ways. For instance, it eliminates unnecessary interruptions. A good energy supplier will give you energy-saving solutions. Don’t select a supplier with an arrogant customer care desk. Stay away from suppliers with confusing bills. If the energy supplier keeps on hiking the rates, switch to a better supplier. For more information, visit Business Energy Comparison. Here are the top signs that you should look for a new energy supplier.

Poor Customer Desk

Good suppliers should deal with their suppliers with respect. They should respond to your issues in real-time. Avoid suppliers that hang up on customers. Choose suppliers who attend to all customer complaints. For instance, if you have been receiving inaccurate bills, talk to the customer care desk.

Prices Are Too High

Most switchers claim that prices are too high. And for that reason, they decided to switch to a new supplier. Over the past years, most suppliers have raised their energy prices more than once yearly. Moreover, the price cap has had a huge impact on pricing.

If after talking to your energy consultant you find that you’re being overcharged, consider making a switch. Certain suppliers base their energy rates on estimates. And this has limited most customers on default energy tariffs, which are exorbitantly pricey.  Shop around for affordable energy deals that won’t break the bank.

Numerous energy comparison sites can help you find the best deal. Simply go online and perform your search. This will help you minimize utility expenses and enhance your company’s profitability.

Your Deal Is Ending

Is your current contract almost coming to an end? If so, then you should consider making a switch immediately. Fixed tariffs typically last between one and two years. If your fixed contract ends before you make a switch, you’ll be automatically moved to a default tariff. And these tariffs are usually more expensive than other energy plans.

Thus, it’s worth switching suppliers before your current contract expires. This won’t just save you time but it’ll also save you money. Shopping around can prevent your energy bills from skyrocketing.

Complain About Your Current Supplier

Everyone deserves to partner with a reliable energy supplier who can adequately meet their needs. It can be very frustrating when you can’t access this important resource. If you want to file a complaint about your current energy provider, here’s how to go about it:

Reach Out To The Supplier

Start by talking to your supplier. Let them know that you aren’t happy with their services. Energy providers will want you to give them a chance to try and get the issue. You can find their contact information on your energy bill or on their website. If you can’t find them on your phone, simply go online and log in to their website.

Their website should clearly explain how to make a complaint. Wait until the supplier responds to your queries before making the next move. 

By Mobile Phone

If you’re contacting your supplier by phone, be sure to note down the date and time, the name of the person you talked to, as well as, the problem you discussed.

If after this discussion the issue isn’t still resolved, ask them how they intend to get it fixed and take note of your complaint’s reference number.

By Email or Letter

Have you decided to make your complaint in writing? If so, then be sure to clearly explain what the issue is and how you would wish the supplier to resolve it. If you’re sending a letter, be sure to take a photo of it before sending it to your supplier. You may also want to get proof of postage.

If you choose to complain by email, keep copies of the messages you send and receive. After making the complaint, your energy provider will get in touch with you to make further inquiries. They might even decide to visit your home or office to check the meter readings. You’ll then be required to send a ‘decision letter’ within eight weeks to outline how you’d wish your complaint to be resolved.

Not Satisfied? Take Further Actions

If you aren’t still satisfied with your supplier’s actions, you can choose to take the case further. You can make a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman if the issue hasn’t been amicably resolved.

The Energy Ombudsman usually offers free and impartial services. They’ll request your supplier to get the issue fixed and respond to you accordingly. They’ll take time to explain the problem and even provide you with a financial reward.


Has the issue been resolved? If not, then it’s time you consider switching to a different energy supplier. If your current provider isn’t ready to fix the problem, then the only option left is to find a new supplier.

With so many online comparison tools, finding an affordable energy tariff should only take a few minutes. Technology has gone a long way in simplifying and streamlining the switching process. It shouldn’t take you longer than twenty days to find a more competitive deal.

Pick The Right Supplier

Consider a supplier that offers an excellent customer care desk. Check the reputation of the supplier. Read reviews. Go through testimonials. You can also seek recommendations from other players in the energy industry. Consider comparing rates. Check their terms and conditions. Read the contract before signing it. If there are terms you don’t understand, ask. Don’t be in a hurry to sign the contract. Take your time to review the terms. In these tough economic times, you want to make sure that you get the highest value for your money.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t put up with a supplier who sends you inaccurate bills. Switch to a supplier who sends you bills on time. Inaccurate bills can lead to overpaying or underpaying. Also, don’t select a supplier with unreliable services. The above are top signs that you should switch to a new energy supplier.

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