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Signs That Indicate a Proper Roof Restoration 

Roof Restoration 

The roof restoration  is undoubtedly the most important aspect of protecting your house from outdoor elements and additional damage. This is why you need to ensure the roof is in pristine condition.

Even though a high-quality roof will last for decades, there are a couple of specific signs that indicate you need to go through a proper roof restoration process.

Before you call the professionals, here are the signs you need to look for to determine the condition of your roof.

Light in Attic 

Your attic is completely protected from outdoor elements thanks to the durable roof. However, if you notice beams of light penetrating through the attic, you might need to consider a proper roof restoration. Additionally, you also need to contact professional Santa Cruz Roofing Services as soon as possible. This is because light entering the attic during the day will pose a serious threat to your house.

When light beams can come into the attic, keep in mind that water can also enter without any problem. When water penetrates through the same spot into your attic, your house will face serious problems. You might need to replace the shingles completely if the damage is severe. The condition of the plywood is also a possible cause of this problem.

Sagging Spots 

This is one of the most common signs of roof repair or restoration. If you notice any part of the roof is sagging or drooping, you need to consider roof restoration as soon as possible. Moisture is the primary culprit behind saggy spots as it will cause the boards to rot.

Remember that the lowest points of your roof are more vulnerable to sagging than the highest points. This is why you need to look for signs of sagginess in there first. If you notice sagging areas, contact a reputed and professional roof repair company.

Damage on Shingles 

You need to pay close attention while examining your shingles so that you can find signs of curling or cracking. Sometimes you will notice missing shingles that might have happened due to strong wind. In such situations, you need to go through a proper roofing assessment to determine the perfect roof repair option.

Problems with the shingles usually dictate that they have reached the verge of their lifespan and should be replaced. Even though high-quality shingles are durable and long-lasting, sometimes they also become vulnerable to damage.

Green Spots 

During monsoons, water will sit over your roof, especially if there is an improper drainage system. The water will enhance the growth of mildew and mildew, especially the places that don’t get enough sunlight. As per Health, make sure you remove mold from your house. When fungi and moss accumulate over your roof for a long time, it’s a clear indication that moisture is failing to escape or evaporate.

But a small number of fungi and moss isn’t enough to make you worry. However, if you notice large areas of your roof covered by moss and fungi, you need to take precautions. Consider using a hard brush to remove them from your roof. But call us if you notice signs of rotting underneath.


These are the signs that you need to consider roof restoration. Make sure you contact us if you need our services.


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