Signature Smiles v/s Dentzz Dental Clinic

Signature Smiles and Dentzz Dental are dental clinics offering various dental services under one roof. Signature Smiles has multiple clinics, which makes it more reachable in Mumbai. 

Signature Smiles is a multi-specialty dental clinic chain in Mumbai, India, and is modern, high-tech, and ISO certified. Under the direction of Dr. Rahul Oza, it has a group of super specialists committed to providing high-end dental care under one roof.  

They are known for providing thorough dental care using innovative techniques and advanced technology. They provide general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, braces, dental implants, instant teeth whitening, oral surgery, and other dental procedures. Their dental specialists have over 20 years of experience and have received training in the USA, UK, Germany, and Italy. They keep themselves updated with the most recent developments in dentistry. They have a group of skilled dentists who work to give their patients high-quality dental care.  

Signature Smile is a preferred choice by international patients due to its superior services and advanced technology. Dental Tourism, practised by Signature Smiles, offers complete dental care to patients worldwide seeking expert dental treatments.  Under Dental Tourism, the patient coordinators at the clinic assist international patients in planning their travel, accommodation, and stay to make the visit to India more convenient and hassle-free. They emphasize patient comfort while ensuring a completely hygienic and sterilised environment. The staff treats all the patients equally with warmth and care. The entire treatment is digital from start to end. 

Signature Smiles has been conferred with the “Best Iconic Dental Clinic in Mumbai” award by Dr Deepak Sawant, India’s Health Minister. 

Dentzz Dental has clinics in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Mumbai, and Delhi, India. Their specialised services include cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. They provide various services, including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, and orthodontics. With a staff of dentists skilled in various dental specialties, Dentzz Dental provides expert services and often caters to celebrities and international clients. They offer hi-tech dentistry while maintaining good hygiene and a sterilised environment. They handle their patients with warmth and care and ensure their comfort during and after the treatment.  

Dentzz at Bandra and Kemps Corner are the two clinics located in Mumbai. Signature Smiles has branches in Juhu, Bandra and Andheri, making it more accessible and reachable. Dentzz dental care has a clientele base that comprises more celebrities and international clients. On the other hand, Signature Smiles handles clients from various walks of life, whether celebrities, international or local, by offering them equal care and treatment. Both clinics offer extensive dental care with world-class facilities.  

One can make the right choice by checking the facilities, cost and convenience of travel. Additionally, the best type of dental clinic for you will depend on your requirements, preferences, and situation. It might be beneficial to research both clinics and read reviews from previous clients to help you make a wise choice. The atmosphere and patient care at Dentzz Dental are good, but warmth and care are two emotions that need to be developed more to connect with the patients. 

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