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5 Side Hustles That Pay Well To Make Extra Money

Side Hustles

Everybody likes to have some extra money in their pocket, though there’s only so much time in the day. If you want more money but you can’t spend all day working, consider a side hustles where you can get paid for a short side job or for a personal project.

Today we have five side hustles that you should check out. We have picked the ones that can make you extra money, though you’ll need to have the skills required to do them. Some of them pay instantly while others will pay off if successful and they can pay off a lot!

1. Start A Blog

Starting a blog, and then monetizing it, can be a great way to make money as a side hustle. You can make so much that, for the successful bloggers, it overtakes their day job and becomes a full-time gig!

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, though you should know that you’ll have a lot of competition and it won’t be profitable from the start. However, if you can build a blog that makes money, your profits will compound over time. You monetize a blog through affiliate marketing links and on-site advertisements.

Your blog should cover something you’re interested in. It can be as casual or professional as you’d like and, if you have long-term blogging ambitions, you’d best use SEO to compete in search engines.

2. Get Walking

If you want a side hustle that guarantees payment from the second you start doing it, get a walking gig. Whether it’s starting a dog-walking service or becoming an Uber walker, you can make money while exercising and getting a nice walk.

Naturally, you need to be able to walk distances and be fine with whatever you’re working with, be it dogs or somebody else’s food. If you go the dog-walking route, you may need to get a certification if your local authority demands it or you want to bag careful customers.

If you’d prefer a more stationary gig that’s similar to dog walking, you should try house-sitting, especially if there are pets involved.

3. Have An Opinion

If you have strong opinions, you should look at participating in online surveys. You’ll get paid more if you do more surveys, so you’ll have to put the time in to maximize how much you get paid. That said, many surveys are easier to do than others, so you can increase profit by finding fast, easy surveys that pay best.

For most surveys, you don’t need to be an expert in any one subject or build up a skill, like you may need to do for blogging or taking care of animals. Many services, like Swagbucks, exist solely to take people’s interests and hand them surveys that their customers would enjoy, while being paid to do them. Checkout this great  Digital Marketing Blog.

4. Use Social Media

Are you good at social media? If so, ditch your account and manage others in your spare time instead. You can do this for multiple accounts, allowing you to make more money as a result.

The job would involve posting whatever the client wants, typically daily posts for sites like Instagram to keep online engagement with the clients’ audiences. If you’re good at creating memorable, brand-friendly posts that gel well with Internet culture, then you can get paid well or even hired for full-time roles within one of your client companies.

Alternatively, if you want to make money from your own social media pages then you can do so on any number of sites. You could take to youtube and become as big as the Canadian Youtubers, The Nelk Boys. They create videos and content of amazing, weird, and wacky pranks they pull on each other and others. They also perform amazing stunts which are well worth viewing. According to the elite post, The Nelk Boys have a huge following and their net worth is now $5 million combined. This could be you, if you put in the time and effort to build a following of your own. It is hard work, a common misconception is that youtubers and social media stars sit around and do nothing. This is far from the truth, followers don’t come to inactive online accounts. 

5. Test Apps & Websites

Like moonlighting as a social media manager, you can also test apps or websites to make some quick cash. The pay varies depending on who you’re doing it for, how long you’re using it. And how important the app or website is.

Most tests are between 5 and 30 minutes, though some can take a full hour for thorough exploration. You’ll need to shop around for the ones that pay best. Where you can make as much as $100 for an hour test. You’ll likely need to take a survey afterward too or record yourself testing.


Those are five side hustles that can make you money. As you can tell, we have chosen gigs that vary. So there should be something here that appeals to everybody, no matter the skill level or spare time.

They also pay in different ways, from flat payments to future profit if you can do the gig well. Most of them can conveniently be done from your computer or your smartphone while sitting on the couch.

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