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Shull Homes Owner Joshua Shull Plans to Recruit More Agents to Mark Company Culture Success

When it comes to growth, the majority of businesses use clients as a quantifier. As the global economy fluctuates, customer acquisition is commonly perceived as a universal goal for companies. But the reality is the number of clients a business has is just one measure of its size and success. Many other metrics, such as geographical range, staffing levels, and marketing budget, are becoming increasingly relevant in the digital age. The owner of Shull Homes, Joshua Shull, has today announced his plan to recruit more staff into its brokerage department to build on the working environment he has established. 

Shull Homes, which operates out of Arizona, is currently seeing a renewed focus on its marketing output. A key facet of their strategy is to evoke the feeling of the company office without potential clients and employees having to experience it in person. The business’ culture, an outlier in the real estate industry, has led to its present interest in recruiting more brokers.

“Our current focus is on recruiting agents,” Shull stated. “We’re looking to put six to twelve agents in our brokerage. We want to continue to staff in-house throughout our business.”

Early observations suggest the real estate brokerage may be in the process of opening a second branch. Regardless, today’s announcement mirrors many companies currently increasing recruitment efforts to open up business development plans.

Shull Homes’ culture has been a big talking point within the company leading up to the hiring push. As part of its renewed marketing strategy, higher-ups reflected on the environment that had evolved over the business’ five-year plus history.

“As of late, we’re creating content about the office to show off our positive culture,” Shull said. “It’s not a business-centric room with furniture, and that’s it. It’s a place for hanging out, drinking coffee, and relaxing. We’re creating an open environment here and aim to highlight that.”

Businesses with growth in mind are increasingly curtailed by staffing levels rather than client interest. As a result, companies are promoting initiatives to attract employees following an attitude shift some believe was triggered by the recent pandemic. Shull’s approach marks a departure from the tangible and temporary offerings of others. For example, one-off stimulus-type payments are growing in popularity among large-scale employers. Subversively, Shull Homes instead focuses on bolstering its open failure culture to attract employees with growth mindsets.

While the company’s current focus is on its internal ranks, being culture conscious could influence its future client outcomes. Real estate sales culture is typically characterized by tunnel vision on closing a deal. By emphasizing approachability, Shull hopes that the accessible feel inside his office will translate into more productive engagement with clients.


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